This summer, live and study on the Oregon Coast by taking classes offered through the OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport!

Summer Marine & Environmental Studies Program - Download Program Flyer

Courses within the Summer Marine & Environmental Studies Program at HMSC are designed to provide students with extensive and intensive hands-on field study of organisms in their natural habitats, coupled with interactive classroom or 'hybrid' course formats, unless otherwise noted. This provides flexibility for students with limited time schedules (e.g., teachers and other professionals) with the added benefit of complete immersion into marine focused topics. Several options available to students to maximize their opportunities at the marine science center -- a student can choose 2-3 courses from each 4-week session to have a full summer session, with the potential for a full 17 credits. Credit may be earned for conducting marine and estuarine research under the supervision of a faculty member by enrolling in FW 401.

Q: How do I register for classes on the coast?

A: Registering for classes on the coast follows the same steps as does registration for Corvallis campus classes. 
   Review the Step-by-Step Instructions for registering.  All students pay OSU in-state tuition!

     Summer Session registration begins April 12, and the HMSC summer courses start on June 22.

Q: How do I choose my courses and what focus areas are available?

A:  Students can pick and choose 2 courses in each of the four-week sessions. See Course Matrix.

Areas of focus/tracks are:                          See Focus Areas/Tracks Complete up to 17 credits over the summer!

  • Movements in the Sea
  • Organismal Biology
  • Marine Subtidal Research
  • Coastal Invertebrates
  • Ecology of Marine Invasions
  • Marine Zoology
  • Marine Research Skills.  

Session 2: 1st 4-week session (June 22-July 17) - MARINE ECOLOGY emphasis (6 courses to choose from)

Session 4: 2nd 4-week session (July 20-August 14) - MARINE SCIENCE emphasis (5 courses to choose from)

Q: How do I reserve housing for classes on the coast?

A: Students can choose to live off campus or in apartments or youth hostel accommodations at the marine science center.  Housing scholarships are available! See Summer Housing to find out more.


  • Inclusive: We welcome all students, including those not typically served by marine science programs.
  • Integrative: Courses cross traditional disciplinary boundaries while taking advantage of the diverse academic departments and government agencies associated with HMSC.
  • Innovative: Unique courses that include lab and field experiences emphasizing active learning and results-oriented approaches over traditional lecturing.
  • Internships, Student Professional Development Workshops and More!
  • Directed Independent Study