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Name Title Agency Phone Email
Lomeli, Mark Fisheries Biologist NOAA (541) 867-0544 Send Email
Loredo, Stephanie Send Email
Lowe, Roy Project Leader USFWS (541) 867-4550 Send Email
Lu, Yang Post-Doc Research Assistant OSU (541) 867-0319 Send Email
Lupton, John Oceanographer NOAA-PMEL (541) 867-0198 Send Email
Lysak, Lisa Ageing Specialist NWFSC (541) 867-0516 Send Email
Magel, Christopher Biologist NOAA-AFSC (541) 867-0256 Send Email
Malvitch, Scott Port Bio Asst.PL ODFW (541) 867-0300 x234 Send Email
Mansotto, Richard General Maintenance (541) 867-5015 Send Email
Marion, Scott Marine Habitat Project Leader ODFW (541) 867-0300 x262 Send Email
Marko, Katherine Biologist EPA (541) 867-5083 Send Email
Mason, Laura Custodian OSU (541) 867-0260 msg Send Email
Mate, Bruce MMI Director OSU (541) 867-0236 Send Email
Matsumoto, Haru Assistant Professor/Sr. Research OSU (541) 867-0272 Send Email
Mattes, Lynn Sport GL/Halibut PL ODFW (541) 867-0300 x237 Send Email
Matteson, Keith NRS2 ODFW (541) 867-7701 x 225 Send Email
Mc Cann-Grosvenor, Kristina Send Email
McBride, Peter Temp. Research Assistant OSU none given Send Email
McCloskey, Shanda HR Technician OSU (541) 867-0137 Send Email
McClure, Michelle Director Send Email
McCoy, Lee Biological Science Tech USDA (541) 867-5021 Send Email
McDonald, Patrick Ageing Specialist NWFSC (541) 867-0513 Send Email
McDowell, Tara Education Project Asst Send Email
McKay, Malcolm Network Administrator NOAA-NWFSC (541) 867-0537 msg Send Email
McVeigh, Jon Observer NWFS none given Send Email
Medina, Kathryn Education Lab Aquarist Send Email
Mellinger, David Associate Professor/Senior Researcher OSU (541) 867-0372 Send Email
Menge, Bruce Distinguished Professor OSU (541) 737-5358 Send Email
Mercer, Dacey Research Technician USDA (541) 867-0266 Send Email
Merems, Arlene NRS2 / Assistant Project Leader ODFW (541) 867-0300 x 246 Send Email
Merle, Susan Senior Research Assistant OSU (541) 867-0173 Send Email
Miller, Bill Nearshore Fish & Habitat Biologist ODFW (541) 867-7701 x 226 Send Email
Miller, Charlie Emeritus Appointment OSU-Main Campus (541) 737 4524 Send Email
Miller, Jessica Associate Professor OSU (541) 867-0381 Send Email
Miller, Stacey Fisheries Biologist NOAA-NWFSC (541) 867-0535 Send Email
Miller-Morgan, Megan Send Email
Miller-Morgan, Tim Extension Vet/Aquatic Pets OSU (541) 867-0265 Send Email
Minch, Jonathan Faculty Research Assistant OSU (541) 867-0422 Send Email
Minta, Kathryn Administrative Program Assistant OSU (541) 867-0288 Send Email
Mirick, Patrick Sport GF/Halibut Asst. PL ODFW (541) 867-0300 x 223 Send Email
Mochon-Collura, T Chris Biologist EPA (541) 867-5036 Send Email
Moffett, Cinamon Research Facility Coordinator 541-867-0126 Send Email
Moll, Jessica Data Support/Port Sampler ODFW (541) 867-0300 x282 Send Email
Morgan, Cheryl Senior Research Assistant OSU (541) 867-0428 Send Email
Morphis, Ron HVAC Tech OSU (541) 867-0248 Send Email
Motley, Jennifer Research Technician OSU none given Send Email
Mtichell, Toby Contractor NOAA (541) 867-0514 Send Email
Mullen, Judy Library Tech I OSU (541) 867-0161 Send Email
Murphy, Melissa Mar.Res.Socio-Eco Analyst ODFW (541) 867-7701 x229 Send Email
Murphy, Thomas Lab Technician OSU none given Send Email
Nash, Fiona F&W Courtesy Faculty OSU none given Send Email
Nelson, Walt Branch Chief EPA (541) 867-4041 Send Email
Neyman, Lisa Volunteer Lab Assistant HMSC none given Send Email
Nielsen, Karina Visiting Scientist OSU none given Send Email
Nieukirk, Sharon Sr Res Asst OSU (541) 867-0268 Send Email
Noakes, David Professor 541-737-1953 Send Email
Nordholm, Katherine Monitoring Coordinator HMSC none given Send Email
O'Malley, Kathleen Assistant Professor/Senior Researcher OSU (541) 961-3311 Send Email
O'Neill, Renee none given OSU none given Send Email
Olson, Bob Emeritus Professor OSU none given Send Email
Orben, Rachael Send Email
Ottmar, Michele Research Fisheries Biologist NOAA-AFSC (541) 867-0280 Send Email
Palacios, Daniel Assistant Professor OSU (541) 867-0202 Send Email
Pantovich, Amanda EBA ODFW none given Send Email
Parker, Denise Research Specialist NOAA (541) 867-0502 Send Email
Parrish, Christopher Associate Professor 541-737-5588 Send Email
Parrish, Lyle Temporary Laborer OSU (541) 867-0427 Send Email
Paul, Alexis Academic Wage OSU (541) 867-0238 Send Email
Peck, Tom Temp. hovercraft mechanic OSU-USDA (541) 867-0202 msg Send Email
Pena, Alberto Special Agent NOAA (541) 867-0580 Send Email
Peterson, Jay Research Associate OSU (541) 867-0424 Send Email
Pfister, Melody OS2 OSU (541) 867-0203 Send Email
Phillips, Anthony "Jason" Faculty Research Assistant OSU none given Send Email
Pledger, Mallory Visitor Center Aquarist Send Email
Pool, John Mesocosm Technician (541) 867-5020 Send Email
Porto, Gina Education Project Asst Send Email
Porto, Gina Visitor Center SPOD OSU none given Send Email
Power, James Research Fishery Biologist EPA (541) 867-4027 Send Email
Ramirez, Rose Education Program Assistant 1 Send Email
Rankin, Polly Biologist ODFW (541) 867-0300 x 273 Send Email
Register, Harry "Rhett" Temp - MBP OSU-COMES (541) 867-0427 Send Email
Reimers, Clare Professor OSU (541) 867-0220 Send Email
Reusser, Debbie Duty Station Leader USGS (541) 867-4045 Send Email
Rew, Mary Beth Volunteer OSU none given Send Email
Rice, Jim Faculty Research Asst. OSU (541) 867-0446 Send Email
Rinck, Gabe Custorial Services none given Send Email
Ritchie, Kevin Computer Support EPA (541) 867-4046 Send Email
Robinson, Kelly Send Email
Rodomsky, Brett NS Research Asst.PL ODFW (541) 867-0300 x291 Send Email
Rodriguez, Omar Aging Specialist NWFSC (541) 867-0512 Send Email
Rogers, Candace Assistant to the Director OSU (541) 867-0212 Send Email
Rountree-Stegmann, Matthew Museum Technician Send Email
Rowe, Shawn Free Choice Learning Program Leader OSU (541) 867-0190 Send Email
Rowe, Shawn Associate Professor 541-867-0190 Send Email
Rumrill, Steve Shellfish Program Leader ODFW (541) 867-0300 x245 Send Email
Rutland, LeAnne Administrator-Fiscal & Faculty 541-867-0259 Send Email
Ruzicka, Jim Research Associate OSU (541) 867-0382 Send Email
Ryer, Clifford Courtesy Appointment 541-867-0267 Send Email
Ryer, Clifford Program Manager/Fisheries Biologist NOAA-AFSC (541) 867-0267 Send Email
Sampson, David Professor OSU-COMES (541) 867-0386 Send Email