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Name Title Agency Phone Email
Sanders, Rhea Faculty Research Assistant OSU (541) 867-0206 Send Email
Sard, Nicholas Send Email
Schindler, Eric Ocean Rec. Boat Survey PL ODFW (541) 867-0300 x 252 Send Email
Schmitt, Cyris Policy Project Leader ODFW (541) 867-0300 x 265 Send Email
Schoolfield, BLaine Bio Science Research Technician OSU-COMES none given Send Email
Schrader, Paul Send Email
Semple, Anna Faculty Research Assistant OSU (541) 867-0172 Send Email
Semple, Charles "Barry" IT Specialist/Systems Administrator NOAA-NWFSC (541) 867-0537 Send Email
Sherman, Vickie Office Automation Clerk USFWS (541) 867-4550 Send Email
Simmons, Kathryn NOS Team Lead NOAA none given Send Email
Simon, Victor Montlake based NOAA-NWFSC (206) 860-3368 Send Email
Small, Emily Temp. cashier OSU none given Send Email
Smith, Claire Send Email
Smith, Wade Research Assistant HMSC none given Send Email
Snyder, Joseph Enforcement Officer NOAA none given Send Email
So, Khem Geographer USFWS (541) 867-4550 Send Email
Sommer, Maggie Tech/Data Service Section Mngr. ODFW (541) 867-0300 x227 Send Email
Sowell, Carla Finfish OP Supervisor ODFW (541) 867-0300 x222 Send Email
Specht, David T. Research Aquatic Biologist EPA (541) 867-4037 Send Email
Spencer, Mara Research Fisheries Biologist NOAA-AFSC (541) 867-0330 Send Email
Sponaugle, Su Professor OSU (541) 867-0314 Send Email
Stanley, Sean Federal Agent NOAA-OLE none given Send Email
Stecher, Hilmar "Jody" Biologist EPA (541) 867-5026 Send Email
Steel, Debbie Faculty Research Asst. OSU (541) 867-0384 Send Email
Stefansson, Emily Faculty Research Assistant OSU none given Send Email
Steingass, Sheanna Send Email
Stephens, Andi Research Biologist NOAA-NWFSC (541) 867-0521 Send Email
Stephensen, Shawn Fish & Wildlife Biologist USFWS (541) 867-4550 Send Email
Stetson, Sidney Aquarist OSU none given Send Email
Stiles, Minda Office Specialist 2 OSU (541) 867-0202 Send Email
Stowell, Michelle Temp Education Prog Assist 1 Send Email
Sullivan, Kelly Faculty Research Assistant Send Email
Sullivan, Lance Fish Technician I NOAA (541) 867-0522 Send Email
Sumich, James Instructor - summer OSU none given Send Email
Suryan, Robert Associate Professor/Sr. Research OSU (541) 867-0223 Send Email
Sweitzer, Cindy Secretary NOAA-AFSC (541) 867-0207 Send Email
Sylvia, Gil Professor OSU (541) 867-0284 Send Email
Szumski, Mike Ecological Services USFWS (541) 867-4558 Send Email
Tarzia, Marguerite Visiting Scientist NOAA-PMEL none given Send Email
Terris, Tim TMII OSU (541) 867-0250 Send Email
Todd, Laura Ecological Services USFWS (541) 867-4558 Send Email
Torres, Leigh Assistant Professor OSU (541) 867-0895 Send Email
Truong, Cindy Send Email
Turpin, Alex Faculty Research Assistant OSU none given Send Email
Tuttle, Vanessa J Fisheries Biologist NOAA-NWFSC (541) 867-0510 Send Email
Vance, Paul "Mitch" NRS-3 Shellfish Project Leader ODFW (541) 867-0300 x 233 Send Email
Vander Heyden, Madeleine Coastal Program Coordinator USFWS (541) 867-4558 x 247 Send Email
Vaughan, Jason GTA OSU none given Send Email
Waddell, Jessica Prof. Faculty OSU (541) 867-0181 Send Email
Wade, Paul Research Biologist Send Email
Wagman, Wolfe Black Rockfish/PIT Project ODFW (541) 867-0300 x289 Send Email
Wainwright, Tom Research Fisheries Biologist NOAA-NWFSC (541) 867-0435 Send Email
Wakefield, Waldo Fisheries Research Biologist NOAA-NWFSC (541) 867-0542 Send Email
Waldbusser, George Assistant Professor OSU (541) 737-8964 Send Email
Waldbusser, George Associate Professor 541-737-8964 Send Email
Walker, Alice Ecological Services USFWS (541) 867-4558 Send Email
Walker, Shelby Director - Sea Grant OSU (541) 737-6200 Send Email
Wallace, Brenda Classified Temp OSU-COMES none given Send Email
Webster, Janet Head Librarian OSU (541) 867-0108 Send Email
Weitkamp, Laurie RSB Research Fisheries NOAA-NWFSC (541) 867-0504 Send Email
Weitkamp, Laurie Courtesy Appointment 541-867-0504 Send Email
Whiteside, Bo Fish Biologist NOAA none given Send Email
Whiteside, Cassandra Groundfish Age Reader NOAA none give Send Email
Whitmire, Curt IT Specialist NOAA (541) 867-0563 Send Email
Wildman, Kelly Send Email
Wilmington, Thom Administrative Assistant (541) 867-5042 Send Email
Winsor, Martha Research Assistant OSU (541) 867-0202 Send Email
Winston, Jennifer Volunteer Coordinator & Interpreter USFWS (541) 867-4550 Send Email
Yamada, Sylvia Assistant Professor OSU (541) 737-5345 Send Email
Yergey, Matthew Fisheries Biologist NOAA (541) 867-0500 Send Email
Young, David R. Senior Environmental Scientist EPA (541) 867-4038 Send Email
ZumBrunnen, Linda MRFSS Supervisor ODFW (541) 867-0300 x 260 Send Email