Title: Environment for the Americas Intern

Oregon State University
Hatfield Marine Science Center
2030 SE Marine Science Dr.
Newport, Oregon 97365

Education:  BA Political Science, Concentration: International Relations, Minors: Spanish & Sociology, California State University of Bakersfield, 2016 

Research Interests: Avian migration, colony dispersal, conservation management, habitat restoration, human/ocean ecosystem interaction, environmental economics, and tourism/coastal development.


Law school was the goal at one point, but that changed after I witnessed an Olive Ridley sea turtle lay 80 eggs off the coast of Mexico. I haven't looked back. My options in the natural world seemed trivial since I didn't require a "hard science" background. But that soon changed when I landed an internship with Environment for the Americas in Newport, Oregon. The focus of this internship has been set on avian conservation, specifically focused on seabirds and shorebirds, which compliments my love for the ocean. As a recent convert to the "natural world" I aspire to conduct field research and community outreach in subjects surrounding marine conservation. Through the OSU Seabird Oceanography Lab, I am currently monitoring the disturbances of Bald Eagles on Common Murres at Yaquina Head to determine the reproductive success of these seabirds. I have also assisted in the capturing and tagging of Western Gulls to monitor foraging patterns and this is just the beginning. I am enthralled to be part of this dynamic team and be surrounded, for the first time, by people that appreciate the natural world with such tenacity!