Welcome to OSU's Hatfield Marine Science Center Visitor Center!

Oregon State University's Hatfield Marine Science Visitor Center creates a unique, dynamic environment for lifelong exploration and discovery. The Visitor Center encourages adults and children to enjoy marine science as they learn more about the natural world.

Our exhibits, programs and classes demonstrate how scientific research enhances our ability to interpret the natural patterns and forces that shape our world, and equips us to better appreciate, manage and sustain coastal and marine resources.

The Visitor Center also provides opportunities for conducting research on devices, methods and concepts for informal science education that will advance the art of life-long public education.

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Live Skype call from the Axial Seamount - Sat., Aug. 22, 1:30 pm. - Join us in the Hennings Auditorium for a live, 30-minute ship-to-shore call with HMSC researchers abourt NOAA's R/V Thompson from the Axial Seamount, an undersea volcano 300 miles off the Oregon coast that erupted this April. Come find out what they discover in the first "dive-by" using a remotely operated vehicle to investigate what happened during the eruption. Sea Grant educator Bill Hanshumaker will accompany the cruise, and has launched a student-built unmanned sailboat for Tillamook High School students taking part in NOAA's Educational Passages project, a long-term effort to track and understand ocean winds and currents. Read more about the cruise.

Summer Estuary Walks - continuing through September, weather permitting

Daily (except Wednesday) - 11 am. 

Join our trained interpreters for an informative walk along the Yaquina Estuary Trail. Learn about the estuary ecosystem and the animals and plants that call it home.

Guided Bird Walks - Wednesdays - 11 am.

Shipwreck talks - Fridays - 1:30 pm through Sept. 4.

Dressed as her shipwreck persona “ The Captain’s Wife,”  Pacific Maritime Heritage Center host and historyteller, Tami Whittlesey, presents a 20-minute program "Rescue, Recovery and Loss: Yaquina Bay Shipwrecks" each Friday in the Hennings Auditorium.

 NOTE: Our central exhibit tank is currently without an octopus. When octopuses are in quarantine, receiving medical care or released back into the sea, there are no public feedings. When the tank is vacant, we may add a few of our other larger animals, such as skates or rockfish, to the tank for visitors and Octocam viewers to enjoy. We welcome donations of healthy octopuses brought up in fishing nets, crab pots, etc. - contact our aquarist for information.


Rubber Duck Derby at Marine Science Day

Check out some photos from our 2015 Marine Science Day, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Hatfield Marine Science Center.