Questing for cluesQuests are fun, free-choice learning adventures that use clues and hints to encourage participants to discover the natural, cultural and historical "treasures" of place and community.  Suitable for groups of all ages, self-guided Quests allow lifelong learners to explore parks, trails and other outdoor spaces in new ways and at their own pace.

Most Oregon Coast Quests are located on the central Oregon coast, but as the activity gains in popularity, more communities are taking part.  Currently, Quests can be found in Lincoln, Coos and Benton counties.

The clues are found in the award-winning Oregon Coast Quests guidebook, available at bookstores around the region. At the end of each self-guided interpretive Quest, participants find a hidden Quest box containing a log-book to sign and a hand-carved stamp to mark their accomplishment.  The true "treasure" is the fun of the walk and learning about special places in the community.

Quests are great fun for families and school groups - and once you've gone questing, your group may even want to help create a new Quest for the next edition of the guide book!

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The Johnson family signed in


From the South Beach State Park Quest log book:

"We played the quest and found the box! This is our fourth quest during our vacation from Bend. My children, husband and I have enjoyed these quests very much. Our 6 year old son asks every morning 'Can we do another quest today?' Thank you for creating and maintaining the quests! We love it."

-The Johnson Family from Bend, OR
September 2, 2009


Oregon Coast Quests patch

Earn a Patch

If you've successfully completed 10 or more Quests, you are eligible to receive an Oregon Coast Quests embroidered patch. The attractive patch is embroidered in shades of blue, green and grey, and it looks terrific on a backpack or jacket.  Be the first in your neighborhood to get one!  

To request a patch, fill out the Request Form and send it to us with a photocopy of your stamp pages.  It's ok if your stamp collection spans more than one year or Quest Book.  Find the Request Form at the back of your Oregon Coast Quests Book, or download it here [PDF]

Many thanks go to the Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce and Oregon Sea Grant for supporting the production of the Quests Patch.


 Where did questing come from?

Questing was born out of a popular, 150-year old British pastime called letterboxing, which has grown to include thousands of boxes hidden in locations of natural or cultural signficance. 

In Vermont in the early 1990’s, an organization called Vital Communities came up with the award-winning Valley Quest program, which uses paper-and-pencil hunts to encourage people to follow outdoor clues and learn about their region. Our Oregon Coast Quests are among many across the country modeled on the Vermont program and is the first and only such program in the Pacific Northwest. 


For information, contact:

Cait Goodwin
Oregon Coast Quest Coordinator
2030 SE Marine Science Dr
Newport, OR 97365

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