Keep up with the Oregon Coast Quests program as it grows! We strive to maintain the clues and boxes so that they work properly all year round. However, sometimes signs are changed, trees fall down, and other unforeseen circumstances cause small problems with Quest directions. If the problems cannot be corrected in the field, we will post updates on this page and then make updates in future book editions. It’s a good idea to check this page before heading out on a Quest, especially if you have an older version of the Quest Book.

The best way to avoid confusion and surprises is to obtain the most up-to-date Quest Book available. The 2015/16 edition came out in June 2015. Get your copy today at a bookseller near you.

Please report any problems with Quests to the box monitor and/or to Cait Goodwin at Thank you for your help!


2015-2016 Quest Book Corrections: 

  • Get to Know OSU Quest - Clue #2 asks you to look for a red and white flag that is no longer hanging in the MU. You can get the clue if you "Look for the flag that's blue with a big yellow cross" instead.

  • Water Water Everywhere Quest - The Newport Pool that marks the beginning of this Quest was closed right after a new municipal pool was opened in 2017. The fate of the old pool building has yet to be determined, but already the information needed for Clue #1 is gone. Therefore, use the following verses to begin your Quest:

Water, water everywhere!
But please bring your own H20.
This hike takes endurance;
you may want a drink as you go.

Your Quest begins
near Sam Case School.

On its eastern side,
there once was a pool.

The pool has now closed.
Is the blue building still there?
Put the last letter of that color
In the number one square.

Now turn north and head to the street
that is clearly not at all "through".
Check the gate that lies downhill on the right
for a painted clue number 2.  (Hint: The letter has a square around it)


2013-2014 Quest Book Corrections:

  • Yaquina Head Quests -  The Stewardship Quest and History Quests at Yaquina Head are UNAVAILABLE because the park has removed several critical signs. In anticipation of this event, the directions for these two Quests were not included in the current 2015-16 book. The park hopes to rework these Quests soon and perhaps include them in a future book.
  • Newport City Buildings Quest - This Quest is CLOSED due to all the construction taking place as the city is building a new swimming pool facillity. In anticipation of this event, the Quest directions were not included in the current 2015-16 book.
  • Cooper Ridge Tsunami Quest - This Quest has been RETIRED because the park is changing its tsunami evacuation signage and instructions.
  • City Center History Quest - Clarification for Clue #8: The building that once stood on the corner of Angle and Hwy 101 was demolished on March 13, 2014. You can see a picture of what it looked like in the 1950s on page 108. Now it is a parking lot.
  • HMSC Nature Trail Quest - The estuary trail underwent some construction at the end of February 2015, removing a hill and bench. Please see the online version of this Quest, which is updated to reflect recent changes.
  • YYFAP Habitats of Diversity Quest - The brown sign referenced at the beginning of the Quest is no longer there, but a careful reading of the Quest directions will help you figure out what the sign said. From that, you can obtain your necessary clue.

For information, contact:

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Oregon Coast Quest Coordinator
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