Giant Pacific octopus

Visitors love to watch our animals get their dinner. The tank around our Giant Pacific octopus draws crowds at feeding time - but it only happens on Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 1 pm. You can also watch the feeding and hear the presentation via our live, streaming OctoCam below!

NOTE: Our tank is temporarily without an octopus. When octopuses are in quarantine, receiving medical care or need to be released back into the sea, there are no public feedings.  When that happens we may add a few of our other larger animals, such as skates or rockfish, to the tank for visitors and Octocam viewers to enjoy.


Octopuses are short-lived, and we generally keep them for only a few months before returning them to the ocean, usually when they begin to show signs of senescence (old age). Because of that, we are always looking for live octopus donations from crabbers, fishermen, divers and others who inadvertently catch these curious animals when they climb into their traps or nets in search of food. Contact us if you have an octopus to donate.

Please note: The Octocams are occasionally taken down for maintenance and repairs. If you find the video unavailable, please try again later.

Inside the Tank

Choppy video? Try pausing the other view.

Outside Looking In


Learn More by Visiting our OctoFAQ - Frequently asked questions about our octopus guest

Visitor Julia Rask caught some great video footage of our previous octopus, Ursula, cleaning her suckers during a November 2011 visit. If you look closely, you can see the infertile eggs she had laid hanging from the tank's front wall: