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Bill Hanshumaker holds Styrofoam cups pre-deployment


Dr. Bill Hanshumaker is a public marine educator for Oregon Sea Grant, based at HMSC.  From Oct 15th to Oct 21st, Bill joined the Cascadia Initiative Expedition Team (CIET) on board the R/V Wecoma.  You can follow Bill's adventures on his blog, where he  chronicled the team's oceanographic expeditions to deploy and recover CI Ocean Bottom Seismometers (OBSs) and to develop relevant Education and Outreach modules.

<-- In this photo, Bill is holding bags filled with Styrofoam cups that have been decorated by schoolchildren and other members of the community.  The cups will hitch a ride down with scientific research equipment traveling to the depths of our ocean.  What do you think happened to the cups when they encountered the high pressure found at depth?  Check out the Bill Goes to Sea Blog to find out!


Bill Hanshumaker


Dr. Bill Hanshumaker has been educating the general public and other self-selected audiences in free-choice science education since 1977. With more than 16 years of experience at the Oregon Museum and Science and Industry and 16 years at OSU’s Hatfield Marine Science Center, Bill has had opportunities to develop, deliver, and evaluate science curricula for audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Bill is responsible for many of the exhibits and events at the HMSC Visitor Center, where he not only designs exhibit material, but also uses it to study how people learn in an aquarium-science center setting. He serves as an educational consultant to researchers at the HMSC and at OSU, and to state and federal agencies interested in developing interpretive materials to explain science to the public. He also conducts hands-on workshops in topics ranging from marine animal dissection to fossil identification for HMSC visitors, classes and special events. Bill coordinates and supervises the undergraduate summer intern program.  Bill can normally be reached at bill.hanshumaker@oregonstate.edu.

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