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Fern and fossil


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bring in your fossils and agates to show off and identify with other beachcombers during our annual day-long Fossil Fest event! Explore our special exhibits in the Visitor Center and mingle with other like-minded fossil-philes from the North American Research Group.  More information




Giant Pacific Octopus (not Captain Stubs)OCTOPUS NAMING RESULTS

We are pleased to announce the new name of our new Giant Pacific Octopus who resides in the centrally-located octopus tank in the Visitor Center. Likely because he is missing one entire arm and part of another, by popular vote he has been graced with the name "Captain Stubs". Be sure to stop by the Visitor Center to see Captain Stubs up close, or you can view him virtually via OctoCam.





Fred Duerr


Saturdays 1:30pm*

(No Fred Talk on April 26 or May 10)

Dr. Fred Duerr is currently delivering 20-minute presentations in the Hennings Auditorium on Saturdays. His current topic is “Potable Water,” which includes tips on how to access to drinking water after a natural disaster. All ages are welcome to attend these free offerings.

Fred is originally from St. Paul Minnesota and earned a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in 1965. He became a tenured faculty member at three different universities until he retired from full-time teaching. Fred then taught various science classes as a part-time instructor at multiple colleges and universities in the Northwest including teaching at Oregon Coast Community College until retirement in 2010. Fred is now writing multiple books and currently volunteers at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in an effort to share his knowledge and passion for science and environmental issues with the public.



Thursday, Apr 17th 2014

Octopus Feeding

Saturday, Apr 19th 2014

Octopus Feeding
Fred Talks

Monday, Apr 21st 2014

Octopus Feeding

Thursday, Apr 24th 2014

Octopus Feeding

Saturday, Apr 26th 2014

Fossil Fest
Octopus Feeding

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