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Port Orford Heads State Park


A new Quest has been created in Port Orford! Writer, historian and Port Orford resident Shirley Nelson has teamed up with State Parks Interpretive Ranger Greg Ryder to create a new Quest on the Port Orford Heads trails near the Lifeboat Station Museum. You’ll learn about the human history of the site:

“…Continue on to Nellie’s Cove
where lifeboats once departed.

The men who sailed to save lives
were young, strong and stout-hearted…”


And about natural history, too:

“… Off the trail to the left
bends a Pacific Madrone.
You can always tell this tree;
Its skin has a reddish tone…”

Download the complete directions here and go give it a try!  We'd love to hear about your experience.  Email us with a report of your adventure.



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