Thank you

We can’t get together, but we can (and should!) celebrate. 

Through your very generous gift, HMSC and the MSI have realized our dream. We are extremely pleased to announce that the GLADYS VALLEY Marine Studies Building is completed and move-in is this week!

Enjoy this photo tour of this new building – a building that is a true engineering and esthetic marvel.

And we couldn’t have gotten here without your support – so THANK YOU!

We promise – when it is safe to convene again in pre-COVID numbers, we will have a celebration and open house to show you what is your doing. But in the meantime, we want to share with you some of the many highlights of this spectacular building.

- Bob Cowen and Jack Barth

Functional and inspiring

Collaborative Research

Discovery through collaboration is key to the state-of-the-art research labs at the MSB. The expanded chemical, computational and specialty labs will be a boon to researchers at HMSC. The MSB iLab joins a network of OSU Innovation spaces, each specializing and sharing expertise to solve today's problems.

Learning for All

MSB's classrooms and labs are designed to support the emerging Marine Studies major which focuses on interdisciplinary and experiential instruction for students. A 250-seat auditorium will expand the offerings for scientific and cultural programming.

Cultural Hub

From the ceilings to floors, and the walls and stairwells in between, art inspires throughout the MSB. Also, food for the body, as well as the mind, will be found at the MSB, as for the first time, the HMSC campus will have a cafe.

Safety and Community

The design of the MSB is the first of its kind on the coast. The roof of the MSB is a community evacuation space in the event of a tsunami. It has the capacity to shelter 920 people and is fully accessible.


Innovation Lab

The iLab offers the space and equipment needed to take a project from the idea phase to production and on to market.


A 250-seat auditorium will increase the capacity for scientific programming and community events.

Collaborative Research

The MSB adds much-needed lab space to the Hatfield campus. This setting will offer additional opportunities for scientific collaboration and student engagement.

Lobby and Cafe

A cafe, the first ever on the Hatfield campus, will be located in the sunlit atrium. It will offer coffee, lunch and snacks featuring local food.


Three new classrooms will support the interdisciplinary and experiential program for students in the emerging Marine Studies major.


Murals and sculpture from regional artists adorn the halls of the MSB.