What's it like to be an OSU-HMSC student?

Here are a few things that might help you out:

Faculty Advisers

Itchung Cheung and Sarah Henkel serve as faculty advisers for HsO, and provide a lot of logistical and program support to get our needs met. 


HMSC Orientation Guide:


Check this out for information regarding living on the coast, including HMSC maps, acronyms, the Marine Studies Initiative, and news resources.


Check out this student-compiled guide to HMSC.


Transportation to and from main campus

There are several ways to travel between Newport and Corvallis on a semi-regular basis:

  • Coast-to-Valley Express
  • Vanpool (Corvallis to Newport to Corvallis only)
  • Ride shares solicited via Hatfield community or grad student email lists (see below)
  • HSO Carpool calendar - contact HMSC grad listserv to added to our google calendar.
  • Ecampus classes are always expanding 

Sometimes we get popular classes live streamed to HMSC so you don't have to travel to Corvallis. If there's a class you are interested in, especially if there are several students interested (use the listserv to drum up interest!), talk to Itchung. Also consult the grad student listserv for a list of previously streamed classes and general class recommendations (is it worth the drive?)]. Recently, students in the Fish and Wildlife deparment recently created a Google Spreedsheet to summarize classes that are often taken by students who are stationed at Hatfield. 


We share our knowledge amongst our diverse students and also ask faculty or outside groups to present workshops whenever possible. Topics include grant writing, presentation development, statistics, job search. If you have ideas or desires for workshops, talk to Itchung. Be sure to use the listserv to ask other students for help as well. 

Health Insurance

HMSC students who are resident in Newport and employed on 0.2+ FTE assistantships each term receive health insurance from Pacific Source. Student Health Insurance information is here


HMSC students have a free membership to Newport Recreation Center. But there are so many things to do outside :

  • Walking on the beach to look for shells and agates
  • Surfing at Agate Beach
  • Tidepooling and birding at the Yaquina Bay Light House
  • There are many great hikes close by, including Drift Creek Falls
  • Fishing for steelhead and Chinook in many coastal and inland rivers - recently ODFW has reopened some rivers for Coho fishing as well 
  • Crabbing on the docks next the Rogue Brewery or on the Bayfront
  • Mountain biking behind the Oregon Coast Community College is always fun and if you're lucky you might see some elk
  • Mushrooming is great on the coast and there is annual festival in Yachats
  • Scuba diving and snorkeling for crabs, rockfish, and lingcod
  • There are also informal volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and soccer leagues in town

Student Fees

HMSC students pay fees each term they are registered for services that may or may not be available/substitutable in Newport. 

Email Lists

Hatfield has several email listserv's that may be of interest to students:

Coalition of Graduate Employees

The Coalition of Graduate Employees has done a great job in recent years to advocate for graduate students rights has employees of the OSU.