How do I reserve housing for classes on the coast?

  Students can choose to live off campus or in apartments or youth hostel accommodations at the marine science center.  Housing applications

HMSC Housing Type:

Cost (4-week Session)

1-Bedroom Apartment (Sleeps 3-4 students)

$200-275 per session

Bunkhouse Hostel (Sleeps 8 students)

$170 per session

Are there housing scholarships for summer session students taking courses at the marine science center?

   YES! There are two types: HMSC Summer Housing Scholarships and the Cecil and Martha MacGregor Scholarship in Marine Science.

HMSC Summer Housing Scholarships:  Students taking summer courses at the Hatfield Marine Science Center are eligible to apply for housing scholarships, which provide free or reduced-rate housing on-site for the duration of the summer term in which they are enrolled. Rolling application deadline. Initial review deadline May 1st. 

HMSC Summer Housing Scholarship Application (Applications for summer housing scholarships available begining 4/1)

Cecil and Martha MacGregor Scholarship in Marine Science:  Awards of $250 each to cover housing expenses for undergraduate OSU student(s) in residence at the HMSC and taking coursework during the summer. Application deadline: May 31st.

MacGregor Scholarship Announcement  (PDF)

For more information on student housing for classes, a housing application and summer housing scholarships.