Scholarships, Fellowships, and Awards


Markham Symposium date/time: Thursday, June 18, 2020 / 2:00-7:30 PM –  2019 Agenda

Every year nearly 100K is awarded to bright, engaging and hopeful undergraduate and graduate students to participate in research experiences, teach experiential courses and reach out to the public about the relevance of their science. HMSC’s donors continue to recognize and support students’ needs for research and lab experience that directly relate to their career interests in marine science. These research awards provide students with real-world training opportunities in writing research proposals and reports, managing a research budget and communicating their research findings at the annual Markham Symposium. It is also the recognition, in addition to the financial support, that affirms and reinvigorates a student’s not-so linear path of investigation, field sampling, and negotiating “domestic overhead.” Receiving a student research award is affirmation that their research project is important, valued and worth continuing. For this we thank our many donors for recognizing and invigorating our student researchers at HMSC.

Past Scholarship Awards

For questions about the HMSC Scholarships, Fellowships and Awards contact Itchung Cheung, HMSC Academic Programs Manager.

Markham First Year Student Award:

One-time funding of up to $6,000 to support an incoming first-year graduate student who plans to be resident at HMSC after the first academic year in Corvallis. Application deadline: February 18. Decision to be announced by March 1.

Markham First Year Student Award  (PDF) 

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Marine Reserve Graduate Student Scholarships:

Up to $5,000, to support 1-2 graduate students of any Oregon college/university currently pursing research that either (1) informs the management of marine reserves into nearshore waters, (2) informs our understanding of nearshore communities in Oregon’s waters, (3) or informs how nearshore communities in Oregon will respond to environmental change (i.e. hypoxia, ocean acidification, increasing sea surface temperatures). Application deadline: April 13.

ODFW MRP Scholarship Announcement  (PDF)


Up to $2000 for a qualified graduate student of any Oregon college/university in the field of fisheries science and management committed to working on commercial marine fisheries in Oregon except Salmonids (no other species restrictions; any finish, shellfish or commercial species considered). Application deadline: April 13.

Hannah-Jones Award Announcement (PDF)

Louis and Maud Hill coastal Marine studies Award (NEW):

Funding in the amount of $12,000 to support a graduate student pursuing research in coastal marine studies that include, but are not limited to aquaculture, oceanography, marine biology, and marine engineering. Application deadline: April 13.

Louis and Maud Hill Coastal Marine Studies Announcement (PDF)

Holt Marine Education Fund Award:

Up to $6,000 to support an undergraduate or graduate student project with outcomes benefiting marine education. Application deadline: April 13.

Holt Award Announcement (PDF)

Guidance and Selection Criteria  (PDF)

Walter G. Jones Fisheries Development Award:

Funding in the amount of $1,300 to support academically qualified graduate student pursuing research which contributes to fisheries development. Application deadline: April 13.

Jones Award Announcement (PDF)

Guidance and Selection Criteria  (PDF)

Mamie Markham Research Awards:

Several awards, up to $10,000 each, to support graduate student research in marine science at the HMSC. Application deadline: April 13.

Markham Award Announcement (PDF)

Guidance and Selection Criteria  (PDF)

Lylian Brucefield Reynolds Scholarship:

Up to $1,000 to support a graduate student in residence at HMSC. Application deadline: April 13.

Reynolds Scholarship Announcement (PDF)

Guidance and Selection Criteria  (PDF)

Anja Robinson Fellowship:

Up to $800 to support graduate student research in shellfish aquaculture. Application deadline: April 13.

Robinson Fellowship Announcement (PDF)

Guidance and Selection Criteria  (PDF)

Bill Wick Marine Fisheries Award:

Up to $4,000 to support graduate student research in fisheries ecology, food processing, economics, or marketing. Application deadline: April 13.

Wick Award Announcement  (PDF)

Guidance and Selection Criteria (PDF)

HMSC Summer Housing Scholarships:

Students taking summer courses at the Hatfield Marine Science Center are eligible to apply for housing scholarships, which provide free or reduced-rate housing on-site for the duration of the summer term in which they are enrolled. Deadline extended to 6/10.

HMSC Summer Housing Scholarships (PDF)

HMSC Summer Housing Scholarships Application (online form)

HMSC Summer Housing Scholarships Application  (PDF)

Cecil and Martha MacGregor Scholarship in Marine Science:

Up to four awards of $250 each to cover housing expenses for undergraduate OSU student(s) in residence at the HMSC and taking coursework during summer. Application deadline: May 31.

MacGregor Scholarship Announcement  (PDF)

HsO Travel/Conference Fee Award:

Hatfield Student Organization (HsO) encourages students to present their research findings at professional conferences related to their field of study. To support student participation in such conferences, HsO, has created an annual award of $400 to help finance a student’s travel and/or conference fees. Application deadlines: November 15 and May 15.

HsO Travel/Conference Fee Award Announcement  (PDF)

HsO Travel/Conferenece Fee Award Evaluation Criteria (PDF)

CIMRS First-year Graduate Fellowship:

GRA salary and tuition is available to support a full year of graduate students that have research projects specifically focused on career futures with some aspect of Marine Studies related to the NOAA mission. Applications that identify specific aspects of the NOAA enterprise, as well as NOAA and OSU colleagues with whom they would like to work, will be more competitive. Application Due Date