2021 Academic Year Housing

Due to COVID-19 distancing protocols, our housing is running at a limited capacity for the fall and winter of 2021, but space is still available. Housing residents are required to comply with university event testing and vaccination requirements.

Hatfield’s on-site housing can accommodate up to 100 college students, instructors and researchers, and it offers several options for living spaces. There are 16 furnished one-bedroom apartments with full kitchens and baths, each of which sleeps up to four. Two three-bedroom manufactured homes are fully furnished, including laundry facilities, and are handicapped accessible. Four bunkhouse modules each sleep up to eight, and each bunkhouse has its own fully equipped kitchen in the nearby dining hall. While living on our campus, you will have full access to laundry facilities and can enjoy the social dining hall area, as well as the basketball and volleyball courts in the courtyard.

HMSC housing is only for college students, instructors and researchers. Reserve space NOW, as apartments, fill up quickly. Rates range from $170 to $750 per month, depending on the type of housing and number of students per unit (up to 4). Please let us know if you have any special needs. Furnished apartment units with complete kitchens, laundry facilities, mail service and parking. Bedding and towels are NOT provided.

You can apply for academic year housing now.

Apartment Units

This complex has eight furnished apartments in each of the three buildings separated by a laundry room. The apartment units have a fully-equipped kitchen/dining area, living room, study area, bedroom with four bunk beds, and a bathroom.

Linens (includes towels, sheets, pillow, and blanket) are $10.00 per set.

Li House and Winston Apartments (Sleep 4) Per Night Per Month
1 Person $28.00 $385.00

Bunkhouse & Dining Hall

The bunkhouse has four large rooms, each with bunk space for eight and a bathroom. The Dining Hall has one furnished kitchen for each of the four rooms and serves as a TV lounge as well.

Linens (includes towels, sheets, pillow, and blanket) are $10.00 per set.

Bunkhouse (Sleeps 8) Per Night Per Month
Each Person $17.00 $170.00

Faculty Housing

Two manufactured homes are handicapped accessible, and they are usually reserved for family or faculty housing. These are three-bedroom furnished units with two bathrooms. They are just south of the rest of the housing complex.

Linens (includes towels, sheets, pillow, and blanket) are $10.00 per set.

Faculty & Family Housing Per Night Per Month
1 Person $50.00 $750.00

For more information, contact hmsc_housing@oregonstate.edu.