Cynthia Sagers

Vice-President for Research, OSU



Robert Cowen

Director, Hatfield Marine Science Center, OSU

Dan Edge

Assoc. Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences,

Roy Haggerty

Interim Dean, College of Earth, Ocean & Atmos. Sciences, OSU

Jeff Napp

Director, REFM, Alaska Fisheries Science Center, NOAA

Shelby Walker

Director, Oregon Sea Grant, OSU

Roberta Marinelli

Dean, College of Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Sciences (CEOAS), OSU

Merrick C. Haller, Professor

Assoc. Head of grad Affairs, School of Civil & Constr. Engineering (COE & CEOAS), OSU

Chidong Zhang

Director, Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, NOAA

Kevin Werner

Science and Research Director,
Northwest Fisheries Science Center, NOAA

Staci Simonich

Associate Vice-President for Research, OSU

Flaxen Conway, Professor

Director, Marine Resource Management Program, COEAS & CLA, OSU

Michael Banks

Director, CIMRS, OSU  (Ex Officio)