Jennifer Fisher

Faculty Research Assistant

West Coast Fisheries 

Hatfield Marine Science Center
2030 SE Marine Science Drive
Newport, OR 97365
(541) 867-0349

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  • M.S. Marine Ecology (2005)
    Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
    San Jose State University 
  • B.S. Marine Biology/Zoology (1996)
    Humboldt State University 


Research Interests 

I am broadly interested in the physical processes that regulate coastal zooplankton and meroplankton communities. My current research involves studying the interactions between local and basin-scale physical drivers of copepod communities and how those same processes affect the larval dispersal and population connectivity of benthic crustaceans (e.g. crabs).


Selected Publications 

  • Fisher JL, WT Peterson, RR Rykaczewski (2015) The impact of El Niño events on the pelagic food chain in the northern California Current. Global Change Biology. doi:10.1111/gcb.13054
  • Pfaff MC, GM Branch, JL Fisher, V Hoffman, AG Ellis, JL Largier (2015) Delivery of marine larvae to shore requires multiple sequential transport mechanisms. Ecology 96(5) 1399-1410
  • White WJ, SG Morgan, JL Fisher (2014) Planktonic larval mortality rates are lower than widely expected. Ecology 95(12) 3344-3353
  • Fisher JL, WT Peterson, SG Morgan (2014) Does larval advection explain latitudinal differences in recruitment across upwelling regimes? Marine Ecology Progress Series 503:123-137
  • Leising AW, Schroeder ID, Bograd SJ, Peterson WT, Brodeur R, ... & Peterson J (2014). State of the California Current 2013-14: El Niño Looming. CalCOFI Reports
  • Morgan SG, JL Fisher, ST McAfee, JL Largier, SH Miller, MM Sheridan, JE Neigel (2014) Transport of crustacean larvae between a low-inflow estuary and coastal waters. Estuaries and Coasts 36(6)
  • Peterson WT, JL Fisher, JO Peterson, CA Morgan, BJ Burke, KL Fresh (2014) Applied fisheries oceanography: Ecosystem indicators of ocean conditions inform fisheries management in the California Current. Oceanography 27(4):80–89
  • Bi H, WT Peterson, JO Peterson, and JL Fisher (2012) A comparative analysis of coastal and shelf-slope copepod communities in the northern California Current system: Synchronized response to large scale forcing? Limnology and Oceanography  57(5): 1467-1478
  • Bjorkstedt EP, R Goericke, S McClatchie, E Weber, W Watson, N Lo, WT Peterson, ….& J. Abell (2012) State of the California Current 2011-2012: Ecosystems respond to local forcing as La Nina wavers and wanes.  CalCOFI Reports 53: 41-76
  • Morgan SG, JL Fisher, ST McAfee, JL Largier, CM Halle (2012) Limited recruitment during relaxation events: Larval advection and behavior in an upwelling system. Limnology and Oceanography 57(2) 457-470
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  • Fisher JL (2006) Seasonal timing and duration of brachyuran larvae in a high-latitude fjord.  Marine Ecology Progress Series 323:213-222
  • Roughan M, AJ Mace, JL Largier, SG Morgan, JL Fisher, M Carter (2005) Density driven headland retention in a strong upwelling system: Implications for larval transport. Journal of Geophysical Research 110 (C10): Art. No. C10027
  • Fisher JL Dynamics of brachyuran larvae in Glacier Bay, Alaska (2005) MS Thesis, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, San Jose State, CA. 98 p