We have three research groups:


Our current research projects fall into four research themes:


Ocean floor

Marine Ecosystems and Habitats

This theme emphasizes ecosystem monitoring using new and established tools and approaches; large-scale environmental and small-scale process studies for understanding ecosystem health, habitat function, and environmental change; modeling and forecasting activities that use current and past ecological, environmental and socio-economic data.




Protection and Restoration of Marine Resources

This theme emphasizes the assessment, spatial planning, distributions and genetics of managed species in marine as well as estuarine habitats. 




JASON deployment

Seafloor Processes: Earth-Ocean Interactions

This theme emphasizes seafloor spreading-center activity, volcanism and hydrothermal systems and assess their impacts on the physical, chemical and biological components of the world oceans: using the most advanced technologies in seafloor imaging, and physical, chemical, and biological oceanography.






Hydrophone deployment

Marine Acoustics

This theme emphasizes the marine soundscape: monitoring the levels of naturally-occuring and man-made noise in the oceans, and assessing their impacts on marine life; using the most advanced technologies for acoustic surveys in coastal and deep-ocean environments, especially remote areas of the global oceans.  This includes the field of Bioacoustics.