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Intro inspirational starter paragraph/call to action. Earth, the water planet, is two-thirds covered by water, and despite humans efforts, less than one percent of this alien environment has been explored. New technologies continue to evolve and allow us an opportunity to observe this mysterious aquatic environment. In nearly every field of study at Hatfield, researchers are on the cutting edge of technology, pushing to advance their fields of study and our understanding of our water planet.



Free Choice Learning Lab focuses on how people learn in informal contexts. Dr. Shawn Rowe leads this internationally focused research effort. 

Oregon Coast STEM Hub is an action-oriented partnership that engages multiple stakeholders and organizations within a defined geographic area, working toward the common goal of increasing student interest, preparation, and success in STEM.

STEM Research Center for Lifelong Learning is a place......

GAZE lab  (Geospatial Analysis and VisualiZation for Education), a state-of-the art learning space that will allow students to explore a wide range of dynamic geographic processes and datasets.