Room rental fees apply to all groups renting HMSC rooms for mission-related events, with the exception of OSU faculty, staff and students who are exempt from room rental fees. Room rental fees are waived for co-located partners ODFW, USFWS, NOAA, MOP-P, USDA, USGS and EPA. Co-located and community partners are responsible for all service fees associated with a room rental.  Fees are per day unless noted. 


Room or Service Fee
Auditorium $113.00
Barry Fisher Room $64.00
Classroom 28 $64.00
Classroom 30/32 $64.00
Distance Education Classroom $64.00
Dining Hall & Gazebo $121.00
Gazebo Only $97.00
Classroom Labs 27/31 $70.00
Lavern Weber Room $64.00
Library Seminar Room $88.00
Staff Lounge $71.00
Visitor Center $250.00
West Wing Conference $63.00
SPOD Fee (2hr minimum) - Staff assistance for events in the Visitor Center/Auditorium $25.00/hour
Special Services Fee - Clerical $43.00/hour
Special Services Fee - Custodial $26.00/hour
Special Services Fee - Facilities $43.00/hour
Computer Support Staff Assistance $50.00/hour



Room Reservation Form  

HMSC Meeting Room Coordinator - hmsc_scheduling@oregonstate.edu - Phone: (541) 867-0203