Room Use Policies

Please read the following policies to ensure that our facility will meet your group's needs and you understand the expectations of room use. Exceptions to the below guidelines must be approved by the Director’s Office. By submitting a Room Request Form, you agree to all Room Use Policies.

The Administrative Team strives to provide a consistent and transparent experience.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Hatfield Meeting Room Coordinator

Hatfield Meeting Room Coordinator - Tami O'Connor

Email or phone: (541) 867-0203

Availability: Hatfield Marine Science Center (Hatfield) meeting rooms are available for mission-related activities. Priority use is for Hatfield academic programs, and OSU and co-located partners may request rooms when available. Occasionally meeting rooms may be rented by outside groups for mission-related activities with the approval of the Director’s Office. Hatfield Director’s office reserves the right to determine if the primary purpose of the intended meeting is Hatfield mission-related.

Please review the descriptions and photos for the rooms on the main Hatfield campus and the Gladys Valley Marine Studies Building to determine how far in advance a room can be booked, which vary in order to accommodate our academic course schedules and events. Group activities may not interfere with typical Hatfield operations.

Completing a Room Request Form is required but does not guarantee a space. Only when you receive a final confirmation email is the room booking confirmed. Please note that the Meeting Room Coordinator may rarely move a confirmed room booking to another meeting room if it is necessary to accommodate multiple users. Our goal is to accommodate all users and ensure the success of all events.

Building Access: Hatfield standard operating hours are Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. Unless arrangements are approved in advance, or users already have after-hours access, meeting rooms are only available during those time parameters. *This includes set-up and clean-up. Therefore, meetings in the library should not be scheduled to begin before 8:30 am. Meetings in the Ed Wing may begin at 8 am, with set-up at 7:30 am. Please do not attempt to gain access to buildings prior to these times.

Event Setup: Include setup & clean up times in your total room reservation time. Please be prepared to do any necessary setup and breakdown for your event as this is not included in your room rental. For an additional fee, a room set up service is available. *Must be arranged in advance with the Meeting Room Coordinator. We ask that you leave the configuration of the rooms as you found it and the room is clean when your meeting is complete. Additional fees may apply if extra janitorial services are required Custodial Special Service fee. Rooms with flexible floor plans are described in the descriptions and photos links (Hatfield GVMSB). Extra tables and chairs that may be borrowed for your event. *Must be arranged in advance with the Meeting Room Coordinator.

Room Audio/Visual Equipment: All users must indicate their audiovisual equipment needs when making a room reservation, as this information allows us to support equipment used in our meeting rooms. Review the Room Description and Photos links for a list of the audiovisual equipment available in each room. 

In each room, you can either share a presentation on the large monitors by uploading your presentations from a flash drive onto our room computers or using your own laptop with an HDMI port (or adapter if you have a Mac). Any additional assistance beyond turning on the equipment and making sure it is working is available for a fee. Please provide your own extension cords and any special equipment.

Food & Drink in Meeting Rooms: Food and drink may be served in the Hatfield meeting rooms if arranged in advance with the Meeting Room Coordinator. A list of local caterers is available upon request. Groups are responsible for clean-up after the event. If extra janitorial services are required, you will be charged a Custodial Special Service fee. *No type of food or drink is allowed in the Hennings Auditorium.

Elected Officials and Town Hall Events: Hatfield welcomes our elected officials to conduct informative events on our campus. *Please note, Hatfield is a non-partisan entity and therefore does not host events political in nature, including but not limited to campaign proceedings.

Alcoholic beverages: Alcoholic beverages are not allowed anywhere on the Hatfield campus unless specifically approved by OSU and the Director’s Office. To apply, contact the Director’s Office at least four weeks in advance of the event.

Hennings Auditorium & Visitor Center: The Hennings Auditorium is located inside our Visitor Center, which is open to the public most days of the year. The public is allowed free access to any event taking place in the auditorium during Visitor Center hours. Groups renting the auditorium or Visitor Center outside of business hours must also pay an hourly fee to have a staff person on duty during the event. Approval of the event is contingent on staff availability, so users are advised to plan ahead.