This form is sent to the HMSC Computer Support Office (541-867-0396 for questions) - room reservation must be confirmed by the Director's Office (7-0203) prior to request. Events without forms will be BILLED if assistance is requested. Forms must be used for EACH occurrance.

Please understand that connections will be initiated 10 minutes prior to event. Both the requestor, and space must be available at HMSC at that time. If no one shows, the event will be cancelled without consultation.

If you are filling out the form, you are stating you will be attending locally AT HMSC - if you cannot attend, please have someone who is attending fill out the form.

At least 24 hrs notice will be required if you need staff assistance with the Video Conferencing setup. Video Conferencing users will be charged a fee of 1 hr of Special project charge ($50) if they do not fill out the form below and request assistance, even in the result of equipment failure. Please understand it is the OSU requestor's responsibility to be trained to use the system, as CS staff provide troubleshooting and training only (i.e. we do not start your conference for you generally - clear instructions are provided).

Finally, FORMS MUST be completely filled out. It is the requestor's responsibility to gather this information from the remote site. Incomplete forms will be returned! Again, staff assistance without the Form will be billed per the HMSC Director.

(not HMSC) <--- YOU MUST PROVIDE THIS! Don't count on it being in the system!

Local addresses: (You will need to call your contact for remote address, as they may not be in our system)
West Wing Conference Room (Polycom 7000HDX) is
Education Bldg Classroom 28 (Polycom 7000HDX) is
Barry Fisher Conference Room (Polycom RP500) is
Lavern Weber Conference Room (Polycom RP500) is

Often we schedule Video Conferencing with other OSU units. Their information will be linked below as it is available:
Fisheries and Wildlife currently not listed

Most units do not publish this information, or change it regularly - it is up to you to call to get their current IP address.

If so, describe what is needed.
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