Ram Papish and his mural

The Visitor Center has been working to add some beattiful science art to the center.  Come see the diverse art displays from photographs to paintings and mixed media displays.


Pictured: Toledo-based wildlife artist Ram Papish has painted a mural featuring a life-size, three-dimensional walrus head and other marine mammals at Oregon Sea Grant's Visitor Center at the HMSC.

For over 20 years, Papish worked as a biologist studying birds and other wildlife, primarily in Alaska. His illustrations have appeared in many publications, including the Handbook of Oregon Birds and Afield: 40 Years of Birding the American West, both published by Oregon State University Press.

This is his first 3D mural, which displays two donated walrus tusks protruding from a papier mache walrus head that seamlessly transitions into a two-dimensional acrylic painting.

A wood and metal frame under the papier mache provide support for the head, which features whiskers made from turkey quills. Other painted animals in the mural include Stellar sea lions, a California sea lion, a harbor seal, and Pacific herring.

Oregon Sea Grant commissioned the piece as a way to display the two tusks, which were donated, along with seven other tusks, by the Lee A. Hotchkiss Trust in December 2015.

(Photo: Oregon Sea Grant)