OSU's Department of Fisheries and Wildlife offers a variety of courses relating to coastal ecology and the management of natural resources. The program is designed to provide a diverse array of hands-on educational experiences as well as traditional classroom instruction in fisheries science and marine resource management. Students in this program participate in field courses, complete two off-campus internships, and learn to think critically about conservation. Fisheries and Wildlife students gain intensive fieldwork, networking and research experience while learning and living on the HMSC campus in Newport.


FW 113 - Introduction to Marine Life in the Sea: Marine Birds and Mammals 1 Spring
FW 419 - Natural History of Whales and Whaling 4 Fall
FW 426/526 - Coastal Ecology and Resource Management 5 Fall
FW 434/534 - Estuarine Ecology 4 Fall
FW 469/569 - Methods in Physiology and Behavior of Marine Megafauna 3 Fall
FW 474/574 - Early Life History of Fishes 4 Fall, alternating years
FW 301 - Field Techniques in Marine Mammal Conservation 1 Summer
FW 302 - Biology and Conservation of Marine Mammals 4 Summer
FW 331 - Ecology of Marine and Estuarine Birds 4 Summer
FW 421/521 - Aquatic Biological Invasions 4 Summer
FW 464 - Marine Conservation Biology 3 Fall
FW 493 - Methods for Marine Research 3 Summer
FW 498/598 - Aquaculture Laboratory 3 Summer

CUSTOMIZE COURSES by adding or substituting these additional courses:

* In discussion with Internship Coordinator: Danielle Jarkowsky, 541-737-1091

HEAD ADVISOR for Fisheries & Wildlife: Nancy Allen, 541-737-1941

ACADEMIC ADVISOR for Fisheries & Wildlife: Whitney Creason, 541-737-2313

ACADEMIC ADVISOR for Fisheries & Wildlife: Michelle Donaghy Cannon, 541-737-2646

ACADEMIC ADVISOR for Fisheries & Wildlife: Erica Johnson, 541-737-7424