Scholarships and Fellowships

HSO students are often awarded scholarships each year from Oregon Sea Grant and HMSC. Many of these students present their work at the annual Markham Symposium in mid-June.

All available scholarships and awards at HMSC can be found here.

Scholarships and awards available through the Graduate School at Oregon State University can be found here.


HsO Travel Award

The HSO Travel Award fulfills our goal of increasing opportunities for professional development of students by assisting HSO members in presenting their research at local, regional, or national scientific conferences. There are three award deadlines per year, February 15th, May 15th and November 15th at 5 p.m. PST.

Full details on this award, including the scoring criteria for applicants can be found here.

During each award cycle, three awards will be distributed: 2 short distance ($400) awards and 1 long distance ($600) award. These awards are given to students in residence (spending at least half time) at HMSC, in recognition of service to HSO, research excellence, and promise. Funding for these travel awards comes from HSO fundraising, with matching funds from the OSU Foundation. Winners are asked to present their research at a weekly Hatfield Symposium the following year, as well as continuing to perform service to HMSC.

HSO Research Award

The HSO Research Award provides financial support to cover small research expenses such as supplies, equipment, analysis, publishing costs, etc., to HSO members. Criteria will be based on service to HSO, impact on research activities and/or education, soudness of proposed budget, and financial need.

Funding for this annual grant comes from HSO fundraising. 

Full details on this award, including scoring criteria can be found here.

Bob Moch Memorial Endowment Award 

The HSO Bob Moch Memorial Endowment will award up to $1,000 annually to a nominated student who exemplify the values of:

  • Being a positive example and ambassador for HMSC in our local community,
  • Scholarship, citizenship and fellowship which reflects positively on fellow students,
  • Being an active member in the coastal community outside of HMSC,
  • Conducting and promoting activities such as sharing, caring, and educational endeavors for the betterment of the community, and not for personal gain.

Full details on this award, including scoring criteria, and example of nomination letter can be found here