Bill McNeil, Head of Pacific Marine Fisheries Laboratory 1966 - 1973 

mcneilDr. William J. (Bill) McNeil (1930-2013) received both his Bachelors and his Masters in Fisheries from Oregon State University, and later his Ph.D. in Fisheries from the University of Washington before he became the head of the Pacific Marine Fisheries Laboratory atmcneil  the Marine Science Center in 1966. He also held posts as a Professor of Fisheries at OSU and as a Professor at the OSU Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station (COMES). In 1985, he then became the Director of the OSU Cooperative Institute for Marine Resources Studies (CIMRS), serving until 1991. Both CIMRS and COMES are part of the greater Hatfield Marine Science Center community today. Bill McNeil was a world-renowned fisheries biologist who was well-known for his extensive work relating to salmon aquaculture.

Photos courtesy of OSU Libraries