Bill Wick, Sea Grant Director 1973 - 1990

bwickBill Wick was the state of Oregon’s first Sea Grant Director. He received both his Bachelors (1950) and his Masters (1952) degrees from Oregon State University. He then went on to work as an Extension Service Agent for Tillamook County, and then he came to the Marine Science Center in wwick1967. In 1968, Bill Wick became the Program Leader of the Sea Grant Advisory Program and a year later, he became coordinator of the regional program. Bill Wick eventually became the Director of the OSU Sea Grant Program in 1971 and retired in 1990. The Bill Wick Marine Fisheries Award was created in his honor. The annual award supports graduate students in the areas of marine fisheries ecology, food processing, economics and marketing.

Photos courtsey of OSU Libraries (left) and Sea Grant (right).