Roland Dimick, Head of Yaquina Bay Fisheries Laboratory 1939 - 1963dimick

Roland Dimick was an essential founder of Hatfield Marine Science Center. Without his contribution, the center may never have existed. 

Roland Dimick received both a Bachelors of Science in 1926, and a Masters of Science in 1931, from Oregon State rdimick College. He served as an Assistant Professor for five years with OSC, then helped establish the Department of Fish, Game, and Fur Animal Management (later known as the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife) and eventually became the department head and then Professor Emeritus in 1966. Roland Dimick went on to establish the Yaquina Bay Fisheries Laboratory in 1939 in the then small town of Newport with a focus on water quality, estuarine ecology, and oyster and clam aquaculture. It was this laboratory at Yaquina Bay in Newport that first connected Oregon State College to Yaquina Bay. This lab would also serve as the earliest precursor to the Hatfield Marine Science Center.

Photos courtesy of OSU Libraries