Wayne Burt, Director 1966 - 1972


Dr. Wayne Burt was highly involved in the development of the science center prior to becoming the Director.

Dr. Burt went to Oregon State College in 1954, and then went on to receive his doctorate from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. After a few years of working in various oceanography programs, he returned to Oregon State College after requesting a grant to start an oceanography project on the Oregon coast. He then went on the join the faculty, and in 1959, Dr. Burt established Oregon State University’s Department of Oceanography. With the addition of this department, the university needed to expand access to marine labs  and research opportunities beyond what the Yaquina Bay Fisheries Lab could offer. In 1961, the Office of Naval Research provided Oregon State University with its first research vessel, the Acona, and later the Yaquina, which attracted new marine scientists to the bay and helped create a collaborative atmosphere between the myriad of Oregon oceanic scientists in the area. Dr. Burt was appointed Director of the Marine Science Center as it then existed by the university. As a result of Dr. Burt’s efforts, the Marine Science Center opened as a research, education, and outreach facility for the university a few years later in 1965.


Photos courtesy of OSU Libraries