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Name Title Agency Phone Email
Adkisson, Kelsey Communication & Engagement PL (541) 867-7701 Send Email
Ainsworth, Justin Technical & Data Services Section Manager (541) 867-0300 x288 Send Email
Andersen, Carri Shellfish Sampler & Data Tech (541) 867-0300 Send Email
Anderson, Robert SEB Sampler/PSMFC (541) 867-0300 x 293 Send Email
Applegate, David Coordinator-Cap Const Proj Mgr 541-867-0319 Send Email
Arbiso, Kris Administrative Assistant (541) 867-5050 Send Email
Arbuckle, Scarlett Faculty Research Assistant none given Send Email
Argo, Emily Education Project Assistant none given Send Email
Arkoosh, Mary Microbiologist/Immunologist (541) 867-0327 Send Email
Atkins, Nikki Ageing Specialist (541) 867-0515 Send Email
Auld, Heather Research Associate (Post Doc) Send Email
Auth, Toby Faculty Research Assistant (541) 867-0350 Send Email
Auyong, Jan Assistant Director,OAES (541) 737-1915 Send Email
Avila, Alexandra Graduate Fellow Send Email
Aylesworth, Lindsay Marine Reserves Research Project Leader (541) 867-7701 Send Email
Bafus, Tyler Temporary Worker (541) 867-0231 Send Email
Bailey, Demian Mgr-Project 541-737-0460 Send Email
Baker, C Scott Associate Director (541) 867-0255 Send Email
Bamberger, Michael Operations Manager 541-867-0208 Send Email
Bancroft, Morgan SEACOR Shellfish Biologist (541) 867-7701 Send Email
Banks, Michael CIMRS Director/Professor (541) 867-0420 Send Email
Banks, Michael Director 541-867-0420 Send Email
Barbour, Philip Sr. Faculty Res. Asst. (541) 737-7022 Send Email
Bartholomew, Jerri Department Head 541-737-1834 Send Email
Bass, Shannon Administrative Assistant (541) 867-0524 Send Email
Bauer, Murray Special Agent (541) 867-0580 Send Email
Baumberger, Tamara Postdoctoral Scholar (541) 867-0171 Send Email
Beatty, Cory Visiting Researcher none given Send Email
Beck, Douglas Boatswain 541-737-0252 Send Email
Bellinger, Renee Faculty Research Assistant (541) 867-0213 Send Email
Berger, Aaron Fisheries Biologist (541) 867-0562 Send Email
Beugli, David Marine Scientist II (541) 867-5035 Send Email
Billings, Alicia Research Fish Biologist (541) 867-0507 Send Email
Bingman, Bill Mechanical Supervisor Send Email
Blume, Emily Budget Specialist (541) 867-0300 Send Email
Blume, Matt Shrimp Fishery & Research Biologist (541) 867-0300 x 286 Send Email
Bobbitt, Andra Sr. Research Assistant (541) 867-0177 Send Email
Boehlert, George Emeritus Appointment Send Email
Boettinger, Jordyn Temp Education Project Assist Send Email
Bohn, Sandra Faculty Research Assistant Send Email
Bosley, Keith Research Fishery Biologist (541) 867-0506 Send Email
Boswell, Chelle OS2 (541) 867-0307 Send Email
Bottom, Dan Fisheries Research Biologist (541) 867-0309 Send Email
Braby, Caren Marine Resources Program Manager (541) 867-0300 x 226 Send Email
Brasseur, Eric Fisheries Technician (541) 867-0509 Send Email
Breitenstein, Ralph Visitor Center Volunteer (541) 867-0227 msg Send Email
Breshears, Patrick Able Mariner Send Email
Brodeur, Ric Research Fisheries Biologist/Courtesy Faculty (541) 867-0336 Send Email
Brown, Cheryl Research Oceanographer (541) 867-4042 Send Email
Brown, Rick Resource Mgmt. Specialist (541) 867-0522 Send Email
Buchanan, John Research Fisheries Biologist (541) 867-0503 Send Email
Buell, Troy State Fishery Management Program Leader (541) 867-0300 x 225 Send Email
Bund, Samantha Temporary worker (541) 867-5051 Send Email
Burnett, Shelly VC SPOD none given Send Email
Burton, Simone Send Email
Butler, Brent Grounds Keeper none given Send Email
Byar, Ann Safety Compliance Officer (541) 867-0502 msg Send Email
Calavan, Ted Fisheries Information Specialist (541) 265-8306 Send Email
Calvanese, Thomas Outreach Coordinator Send Email
Capovilla, Trenton Facilities Maintenance (541) 867-5013 Send Email
Carroll, Lindsay Marine Education Coordinator 541-867-0233 Send Email
Carter, Charles Boat Maintenance Technician (541) 867-5028 Send Email
Chadwick, William Research Associate 541-867-0179 Send Email
Chadwick, William "Bill" Professor/Senior Researcher (541) 867-0179 Send Email
Chandler, Todd Academic Wage Appt - Hourly Send Email
Chapman, John Research Associate / Invasion Ecologist (541) 867-0235 Send Email
Chappell, Aaron Fishery Biologist (541) 867-0540 Send Email
Cheever, Monita Ship Operations Coodinator (541) 867-0295 Send Email
Cheney, Jimmie Travel Coordinator (541) 867-4040 Send Email
Cheung, Itchung Academic Programs Manager/Senior Instructor/REU Program Director (541) 867-0380 Send Email
Chuck, Rebecca Deputy Project Leader (541) 867-4550 Send Email
Claiborne, Andrew Aquatic Farms Contractor (541) 867-0148 Send Email
Clark, Caitlyn Undergrad Researcher none given Send Email
Clemons, Julia Oceanographer (541) 867-0539 Send Email
Clerf, Whitney Academic Wage (541) 867-0207 msg Send Email
Clinton, Pat Geographer (541) 867-5003 Send Email
Coblentz, Kyle Graduate Fellow Send Email
Collier, Tracy Divisional Director EC (206) 860-3312 Send Email
Collson, Maureen Admin Program Assistant (541) 867-0159 Send Email
Colvin, Marianne Branch Secretary (541) 867-5000 Send Email
Colway, Christa Fisheries Biologist (541) 867-0520 Send Email
Comar, John Rep-Shipyard 985-850-4372 Send Email
Commander, Christian Academic Wage Appt - Salaried Send Email
Connolly, Tom Associate Director (541) 867-5022 Send Email
Copeman, Louise Assistant Professor (Sr Res) Send Email
Copeman, Louise Research Associate (541) 867-0165 Send Email
Corbett, Kelly Commercial Dungeness Crab Fishery PL (541) 867-0300 x244 Send Email
Cortes, Ed Info Technology Consultant 541-867-0894 Send Email
Cowen, Robert HMSC Director (541) 867-0211 Send Email
Craig, Mary Program Assistant (541) 867-0524 Send Email
Cramer, Jennifer WCGOP Debriefer (541) 867-0561 Send Email
Crawford, David Emeritus Appointment 503-325-4531 Send Email
Crews, Tracy Marine Education Manager (541) 867-0329 Send Email
Crichton, Athena Instructor/Educator (541) 867-0329 Send Email
D'Andrea, Anthony Shellfish Assessment Project Leader (541) 867-7701 x 238 Send Email
Dae, Adelise Custodian none given Send Email
Daly, Elizabeth Senior Faculty Research Assistant (541) 867-0404 Send Email
Dauble, Ali Marine Fisheries Analyst (541) 867-0300 x284 Send Email
Davidson, William Custodian none given Send Email
Davis, Rachael Library Technician 3 Send Email