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Name Title Agency Phone Email
Dennett, Peter Marine Educator OSU (541) 867-0233 Send Email
DeWitt, Christina Dir-OSU SREC Send Email
DeWitt, Ted Marine Ecologist/Courtesy Faculty EPA (541) 867-4029 Send Email
Dietrich, Debbie Faculty Research Asst. OSU (541) 867-0384 Send Email
Dietrich, Joseph "Joe" Natural Resource Specialist NOAA-NWFSC (541) 867-0347 Send Email
Don, Cristen Marine Reserves Program Leader ODFW (541) 867-7701 x228 Send Email
Dorna, Mollie Send Email
Doyle, Colleen Senior Aquarist OSU none given Send Email
Draper, Douglas Fisheries Biologist NOAA-NWFSC (541) 867-0508 Send Email
Du, Xiuning Research Associate CIMRS (541) 867-0263 Send Email
Dudas, Sarah Post Doc OSU-Main Campus (541) 737-5405 Send Email
Dumbauld, Brett Research Ecologist USDA (541) 867-0191 Send Email
Dundas, Steven Assistant Professor 541-737-1402 Send Email
Dunkirk, Todd IT Technician EPA (541) 867-4024 Send Email
Durland, Evan Send Email
Durland, Ylva Shellfish Assessment Sampler ODFW (541) 867-7701 Send Email
Dziak, Robert Senior Researcher/Courtesy Faculty NOAA-PMEL (541) 867-0175 Send Email
Edwards, Jason Ocean Salmon Sampling Asst.PL ODFW (541) 867-0300 x271 Send Email
Eibner, Jason WCGOP debriefer NOAA-NWFSC (541) 867-0563 Send Email
Embley, Robert Professor (Sr Res) 541-867-0275 Send Email
Erickson, Dan Commercial GF PL ODFW (541) 867-0300 x229 Send Email
Evans, Leigh Research Assistant OSU (541) 867-0199 Send Email
Evans, Melissa Post Doc OSU none given Send Email
Ewing, Tamara Accountant 1 541-867-0269 Send Email
Feinberg, Leah Marine Educator OSU none given Send Email
Ferraro, Steven P. Research Aquatic Biologist EPA (541) 867-4048 Send Email
Fields, Stephanie Fisheries Research Assistant ODFW (541) 867-0300 Send Email
Fisher, Jennifer Faculty Research Assistant 541-867-0109 Send Email
Fisher, Jennifer Faculty Research Assistant OSU (541) 867-0349 Send Email
Fleischer, Guy Deputy Director, AFSC NOAA-NWFSC (206) 860-3289 Send Email
Fleury, Benjamin Coord-Earned Value Management 541-737-7994 Send Email
Folger, Christina Biologist EPA (541) 867-5044 Send Email
Follett, Thomas FRA OSU (541) 867-0164 Send Email
Fong, Mitch Federal Agent NOAA-OLE (503) 231-6247 Send Email
Ford, Brandon Public Info.Office ODFW (541) 867-0300 x 277 Send Email
Fosmire, George Administrative Assistant EPA (541) 867-5042 Send Email
Fowler, Matt Research Assistant OSU (541) 867-0338 Send Email
Fowler, Renee Coord-Marine Ed Volunteer Send Email
Fox, David Resource Assessment & Management Section Manager ODFW (541) 867-0300 x 228 Send Email
Frazier, Melanie Ecologist (541) 867-4032 Send Email
Freeman, Mark Marine Information Management Project Leader ODFW (541) 265-8308 x 229 Send Email
Fresh, Kurt Estuarine and Ocean Ecology Program Manager Send Email
Fruh, Erica Fisheries Biologist NOAA-NWFSC (541) 867-0510 Send Email
Furay, Deborah Administrative Program Assistant OSU (541) 867-0122 Send Email
Gage, Susan Faculty Research Assistant OSU none given Send Email
Galleher, Stacy Shellfish Assessment Asst.PL ODFW (541) 867-7701 x237 Send Email
Garza, Corey Instructor OSU none given Send Email
George, Patty Administrative Assistant NOAA (541) 867-0532 Send Email
Gibson, Rocco General Maintenance EPA (541) 867-5013 Send Email
Gilmont, Susan Library Tech III OSU (541) 867-0162 Send Email
Gladics, Amanda Faculty Research Assistant OSU none given Send Email
Gleiber, Miram Send Email
Gonzales, Joshua Bio Science Research Tech 2 Send Email
Goodwin, Cait Marine Educator OSU (541) 867-0233 Send Email
Grafe, Dawn Supervisory Park Ranger USFWS (541) 867-4550 Send Email
Graham, Erin Research Biologist USDA (541) 867-0296 Send Email
Greene, Ron Research Assistant OSU (541) 867-0171 Send Email
Hacker, Sally Associate Professor OSU-Main Campus (541) 737-3727 Send Email
Haines, Scott Biological Science Technician NOAA-AFSC (541) 867-0134 Send Email
Hale, Jamie Ageing Specialist NOAA-PSMFC (541) 867-0518 Send Email
Hamilton, Meagan Temp Education Prog Assist 1 Send Email
Hannah, Bob Research Project Leader ODFW (541) 867-0300 x 231 Send Email
Hanneman, Eric BioScience Tech 3 OSU (541) 867-0242 Send Email
Hansell, Susan Office Specialist 2 503-325-4531 Send Email
Hansen, David Sea Grant Program Leader OSU (541) 867-0368 Send Email
Hansen, Gayle Courtesy Appointment Send Email
Hanshumaker, William Senior Instructor OSU (541) 867-0167 Send Email
Hantze-Cheever, Monita Coord-Ship Operations 541-867-0295 Send Email
Hardman, Tom Plumber OSU none given Send Email
Harver, Rebecca VC Volunteer Coordinator OSU (541) 867-0226 Send Email
Haver, Samara Graduate Fellow Send Email
Hawkyard, Matthew Research Associate (Post Doc) Send Email
Haxel, Joseph Sr. Faculty Research Asst OSU (541) 867-0282 Send Email
Hayslip, Craig Faculty Research Asst OSU (541) 867-0150 Send Email
Heath, Christian Sport GF/Hal Ass Project Leader ODFW (541) 867-0300 Send Email
Heimlich, Sara Faculty Research Assistant 541-867-0328 Send Email
Heinzel, Tony Facilities OSU none given Send Email
Hellberg, Karl Special Agent NOAA-OLE (503) 325-5934 Send Email
Hemery, Lenaig Post Doc OSU none given Send Email
Henderson, Jeremy Heppell Lab Manager OSU none given Send Email
Henkel, Sarah Assistant Professor OSU (541) 867-0316 Send Email
Henkel, Sarah Assistant Professor (Sr Res) 541-867-0316 Send Email
Heppell, Scott Associate Professor OSU (541) 737-1086 Send Email
Heppell, Selina Associate Professor OSU (541) 737-9039 Send Email
Hettinger, Annaliese Post Doc OSU none given Send Email
Hettinger, Michael Custodian Send Email
Higgins, Brooke Contractor NOAA (541) 867-0518 Send Email
Hilliard, Don Engineer-Fleet 541-737-3784 Send Email
Hoffman, Paul Visitor Center Aquarist Send Email
Holdren, Rich Interim Sea Grant Director OSU (541) 737-8390 Send Email
Holt, Craig Chemist 1 503-325-4531 Send Email
Honisch, Brittney Faculty Research Assistant OSU none given Send Email
Hopkins, Alyssa Adjunct Research Assistant NOAA (541) 867-0242 Send Email
Hoppe, Susan Custodian NOAA none given Send Email
Houseman, Jim Federal Agent NOAA-OLE (541) 957-3388 Send Email
Huber, David Plumber Send Email
Huckel, Daniel Law Enforcement Officer USFWS (541) 867-4550 Send Email
Hunsicker, Mary Research Fisheries Biologist NOAA-NWFSC (541) 867-0502 Send Email
Hunt, Angela Senior Faculty Research AsstII 503-325-4531 Send Email
Hunter, Nancee Education Specialist OSU (541) 867-0357 Send Email