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Name Title Agency Phone Email
Huckel, Daniel Law Enforcement Officer (541) 867-4550 Send Email
Hunsicker, Mary Research Fisheries Biologist (541) 867-0502 Send Email
Hunt, Angela Senior Faculty Research AsstII 503-325-4531 Send Email
Hunter, Nancee Education Specialist (541) 867-0357 Send Email
Huntington, Brittany Marine Reserves Research PL (541) 867-7701 X227 Send Email
Hurst, Thomas Research Fisheries Biologist (541) 867-0222 Send Email
Hutchinson, Greg Faculty Research Asst none given Send Email
Ireland, Robert Programmer Analyst (541) 265-8309 Send Email
Irvine, Ladd Faculty Research Assistant (541) 867-0394 Send Email
Iseri, Paul Biological Science Technician (541) 867-0292 Send Email
Ivory, Jami Faculty Research Assistant Send Email
Jackson, Shari Field Assistant none given Send Email
Jacobson, David Research Assistant (541) 867-0423 Send Email
Jacobson, Kym Biologist (541) 867-0375 Send Email
Janousek, Chris Ecologist (541) 867-5027 Send Email
Jasperson, Marlene Administrative Assistant (541) 867-0156 Send Email
Jeans, Jo Purchasing Specialist (541) 867-0300 x 257 Send Email
Johnson, Jim Facility Operations Specialist (541) 867-4550 Send Email
Johnson, Melanie Fisheries Biologist (541) 867-0537 Send Email
Johnson, Pam Administrative Officer (541) 867-4550 Send Email
Johnson, Tyler Fisheries Technician 1 (541) 867-0527 Send Email
Jones, Steve Marine Biologist (541) 867-0300 x 239 Send Email
Jordan, Chris Biologist (541) 207-7190 Send Email
Kahn, Brian IT Research Specialist 2 Send Email
Kaldy, Jim Ecologist (541) 867-4026 Send Email
Kamikawa, Betty Ageing Specialist (541) 867-0518 Send Email
Kamikawa, Dan Research Fisheries Biologist (541) 867-0511 Send Email
Kautzi, Lisa Marine Age Reading Specialist (541) 867-0300 x247 Send Email
Kellay, Kathleen Human Resources Technician 541-867-0137 Send Email
Keller, Aimee Montlake based (206) 860-3460 Send Email
Kelly, Delia Ocean Energy Coordinator (541) 867-0300 x292 Send Email
Kelly, Liz Ecological Services (541) 867-4558 Send Email
Kemler, Lori Mgr-HMSC Business Office Send Email
Kenyon-Benson, Justine Ocean Salmon Sampling Assistant Project Leader (541) 867-0300 Send Email
Kirchner, Gway Marine Fisheries Section Mgr (541) 867-0300 x 267 Send Email
Klay, Jonathan System Administrator (541) 867-0277 Send Email
Klinck, Holger Assistant Professor/Sr. Research (541) 867-0182 Send Email
Knight, Ashley OSU – MSI Science Integration Fellow (541) 867-7701 Send Email
Kocourek, Amy Ecological Services (541) 867-4558 Send Email
Krutzikowsky, Greg Nearshore Policy Project Leader (541) 867-0300 x248 Send Email
Ksycinski, Carol Office Assistant (541) 867-0501 Send Email
Kupillas, Stephen Video Review Technician (541) 867-7701 Send Email
Kwon, Jung Assistant Professor Send Email
LaFarque, John Observer none given Send Email
Lagerquist, Barbara Senior Research Assistant (541) 867-0322 Send Email
Lamb, Donna Budget Specialist (541) 867-0300 x 241 Send Email
Landkamer, David Aquaculture Specialist/ Asst Prof (541) 574-6534 x24 Send Email
Langdon, Christopher Professor (541) 867-0231 Send Email
Lau, Tai-Kwan Professional Faculty (541) 867-0180 Send Email
Laurel, Ben Research Fishery Biologist (541) 867-0197 Send Email
Lawrence, Kelly Marine Field Research Assistant (541) 867-0300 Send Email
Lawson, James Electrician none given Send Email
Lawson, Pete Research Fisheries Biologist (541) 867-0430 Send Email
Leach, Scott Contractor/Coordinator (541) 351-8250 Send Email
Leary, Marilyn Bio Science Research Tech 2 Send Email
Lee, Elizabeth Graduate Fellow Send Email
Lee, Henry Research Aquatic Biologist (541) 867-5001 Send Email
Lending, Curtis Faculty Research Assistant Send Email
Lewis, Jim Facilities Manager (541) 867-0260 Send Email
Lewis, Nate ORISE (541) 867-5070 Send Email
Lohman, Karen Graduate Fellow 541-737-4531 Send Email
Lomeli, Kirsten Nearshore Logbook Data Analyst (541) 265-8306 Send Email
Lomeli, Mark Fisheries Biologist (541) 867-0544 Send Email
Loredo, Stephanie Send Email
Lowe, Roy Project Leader (541) 867-4550 Send Email
Lu, Yang Post-Doc Research Assistant (541) 867-0319 Send Email
Lupton, John Oceanographer (541) 867-0198 Send Email
Lysak, Lisa Ageing Specialist (541) 867-0516 Send Email
Magel, Caitlin Graduate Fellow Send Email
Magel, Christopher Research Fishery Biologist/Information Technology (541) 867-0256 Send Email
Malvitch, Scott Central Coast Bio Assistant Project Leader (541) 867-0300 x234 Send Email
Mansotto, Richard General Maintenance (541) 867-5015 Send Email
Mapes, Robert Shellfish Assessment Assistant Project Leader (541) 867-7701 Send Email
Marion, Scott Marine Habitat Project Leader (541) 867-0300 x262 Send Email
Markland, Mary Director - Guin Library 541-867-0108 Send Email
Marko, Katherine Biologist (541) 867-5083 Send Email
Marois, Darryl Postdoctoral Scholar (541) 867-5083 Send Email
Mason, Laura Custodian (541) 867-0260 msg Send Email
Mate, Bruce MMI Director (541) 867-0236 Send Email
Mate, Mary Lou Academic Wage Appt - Salaried 541-867-0202 Send Email
Matsumoto, Haruyoshi Assistant Professor/Sr. Research (541) 867-0272 Send Email
Mattes, Lynn Sport Groundfish/Halibut Program Leader (541) 867-0300 x237 Send Email
Matteson, Keith NRS2 (541) 867-7701 x 225 Send Email
Mattoon, Thomas Engineer-Port 541-737-0217 Send Email
Mc Dowell, Tara Education Project Asst Send Email
McBride, Peter Temp. Research Assistant none given Send Email
McCaslin, Michael Carpenter Send Email
McCloskey, Shanda HR Technician (541) 867-0137 Send Email
McClure, Michelle Director Send Email
McCoy, Lee Biological Science Tech (541) 867-5021 Send Email
McDonald, Patrick Ageing Specialist (541) 867-0513 Send Email
McKay, Malcolm Network Administrator (541) 867-0537 msg Send Email
McVeigh, Jon Observer none given Send Email
Mellinger, David Associate Professor/Senior Researcher (541) 867-0372 Send Email
Menge, Bruce Distinguished Professor (541) 737-5358 Send Email
Mercer, Dacey Research Technician (541) 867-0266 Send Email
Merems, Arlene Fisheries Biologist (541) 867-0300 x 246 Send Email
Merle, Susan Senior Research Assistant (541) 867-0173 Send Email
Millard, Henry Ship's 1st Assistant Engineer 541-867-0252 Send Email
Miller, Bill Nearshore Fish & Habitat Biologist (541) 867-7701 x 226 Send Email