HMSC Mailroom Courier and Mail Services

For Hatfield Mailroom support, contact Tami O’Connor at 541-867-0203 or [email protected].

Courier & Mail Services



Incoming Mail and Package Procedures

Mail and package deliveries are received Monday through Friday. Incoming mail is sorted and distributed into individual mailboxes or mail bins in the mailroom. If there is something delivered that is too large to fit into a mailbox, you will be notified by email and your package will need to be picked up and signed for.

The following times are approximate and in no way guaranteed.

  • FedEx Ground usually arrives between 8 am and 10 am
  • UPS usually arrives in the morning between 10 am and 12 pm
  • USPS mail usually is delivered between 11 am and 1 pm
  • FedEx Express usually arrives between 10 am and 1 pm
  • GLS (Independent Carrier) comes every so often, usually in the afternoon, and typically delivers items from Office Max or Staples

Package Pickup

When packages are delivered they will be logged in and you will be notified by email. Packages can be picked up at the mailroom during normal Hatfield Mailroom access hours, Monday – Friday from 8 am - 5 pm. 

  • Please sign on the clipboard by your name to indicate that you have received your packages.  
  • Due to the limited space, and high traffic nature of the Hatfield Mailroom, it is strongly suggested users pick up their package as soon as they are notified or make other arrangements.
  • Packages will be kept at room temperature and cannot be refrigerated or heated.
  • The Hatfield Mailroom will be locked and non-accessible after hours and on weekends.

Outgoing Mail & Package Procedures

Mailing Services

USPS currently picks up outgoing mail anytime between 10 am and 1 pm Monday - Friday. All outgoing mail items should be in the mailroom in the outgoing mail bin by 10 am. After the mail has been picked up, outgoing mail will be processed for the next business day.  Hatfield Mailroom personnel are available to provide information and instructions for mailing as needed. 

  • Mailing Class Options - First-Class, Priority Mail and International Mail
  • Personal mail can only be added to outgoing mail if it has already been properly stamped and addressed.
  • The Hatfield Mailroom does not sell stamps. The Hatfield Mailroom can stamp an envelope, but it must be charged to a department with a specific mail code that charges an Index number.
  • The Hatfield Mailroom has a variety of Priority Mail and flat-rate boxes to choose from. Please request assistance if there is something you need.
  • All outgoing USPS mail requiring postage MUST meet all USPS mail standards. USPS mail standards are available at
  • Please call the Hatfield Mailroom at 541-867-0203 if you have any questions regarding outgoing postal mail services.
Shipping Services

The Hatfield Mailroom can ship domestically and internationally with FedEx and UPS. An Index number must be referenced for charging shipping. There is a computer in the mailroom with access to both FedEx and UPS to create shipping labels. If you would like assistance, please fill out this HMSC Shipping Form and bring it with you when you are ready to ship a package. This form is also available in the Hatfield Mailroom. 

The pick-up instructions for both carriers are posted in the area where outgoing packages go to be picked up (on the table by mailroom/delivery door.)

  • UPS – 1-800-742-5877
    • Next Day Air, Express, Ground shipping available
    • Automatic UPS pick-up every day by 3:30 pm
    • Have packages here by 2 pm for daily pick-up
  • FedEx – 1-800-238-5355
    • Overnight, Express or Ground shipping available
    • You have to arrange for ALL pick-ups.  They do NOT automatically come by for pick-ups. 
    • FedEx needs to be called or scheduled by 12:30 pm for same-day Express pick-ups and next-day Ground pick-ups.  
    • Have packages to the Hatfield Mailroom by 12:30 pm for pick-up.
Specialized Shipping Services – Dangerous Goods/Hazardous Materials
  • Only trained and certified personnel are authorized to approve packaging and ship ANY hazardous materials from Hatfield Marine Science Center.   Hazardous shipments may include batteries, specimens preserved in a solvent (alcohol, formaldehyde), lab chemicals/samples and packages with dry ice.  See here for more info about shipping hazardous materials.
  • Never ship a material you suspect is hazardous without going through the Hatfield Mailroom for a consultation.  
  • Please consult with Tami O’Connor in the Hatfield Mailroom at [email protected] or 541-867-0203 for packing requirements and further instructions well in advance if you are planning to ship anything hazardous.
  • Personal packages can only be added to outgoing packages if they are already properly labeled.
  • For shipping questions or further assistance, please contact Tami O’Connor at [email protected] or 541-867-0203. 


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