Interning at the iLab


There are two types of student opportunities at the Hatfield Innovation Lab. The first is a year-round scholarship, and the second is a summer internship. Learn more about these opportunities below.


SUMMER Internship

Innovation Lab Assistants: 2 student positions available

This recruitment will be used to fill two student summer positions that are up to 40 hours per week over the course of the summer term. Housing on the Hatfield Marine Science Center campus in Newport will be provided.

DUTIES: The duties of iLab Assistant interns are a combination of learner, designer, builder and mentor. The students will focus on the engineering and design associated with the study of the marine world, developing and building a new project idea or one proposed by the iLab Manager.

The iLab Assistant will collaboratively work with other students and staff members on a variety of projects.
50% Project innovator – work on design and development of projects within the lab
30% Lab technician – aid in the troubleshooting and completion of small projects in the lab
10% Lab and field testing – setup and conduct tests of systems within the lab
10% Lab maintenance – take on day-to-day jobs to keep the lab operational
  • Must be academically enrolled in a high school, community college, or university and pursuing a program or course of study
  • Must meet Academic Standing Requirements; students on academic suspension are not eligible for employment
  • Must meet the applicable minimal enrollment standard

APPLY: See the online application #P09720SE for full qualifications and details.

DEADLINE: 05/05/2023

Undergrad Scholarships and Internships @ the iLab - Fall, Winter and Spring options

Thanks to the generous support of the Roundhouse Foundation, the Innovation Lab Scholarship and Internship Fund can support up to three Oregon State University undergraduate students interested in developing the programs and operations of the Hatfield Innovation Lab. The next deadline to apply for these scholarships is May 1, 2023. Below are details on this opportunity.



Up to three awards of $18,640 each


This Roundhouse Foundation-support fund includes three aspects:

  • OSU student hourly position in Fall, Winter and Spring terms
  • Scholarship


The candidate must be:

  • Enrolled as an undergraduate in any college at Oregon State University
  • In the second year or more of study