iLab Projects

Multi-beam Sonar Deployment System

A bright blue and white glacier on the edge of the ocean while a tiny boat floats on the water in the foreground.


Client: Coastal Boundary Dynamics Research Lab, Megan Wengrove

Problem: The Coastal Boundary Dynamics Research Lab needed to put sensitive mapping instrumentation into the water near a glacier and wanted to protect it. The instruments would be carried on an autonomous rigid hull inflatable boat that drove through ice-saturated waters that could experience calving events. 

Solution: The iLab team developed an automated deployment system for the multi-beam sonar. The system included a cantilevered cage built off the side of the autonomous rigid hull inflatable boat, which then used a linear actuator to deploy or retrieve the instrument based on commands sent to the boat. 

FUTURE: The iLab hopes to continue working on this project and add additional features to the system, such as adjusting the tilt angle when it is in the water and adding a live video feed to help with potential collision detection.  

A man wearing a red welders cap in a machine shop poses next to a ridged hulled inflatable boat. The boat has a large vertical metal holder hanging off its side..

A ridgid hulled inflatable boat with a metal deployment system on it is lowered into the water with a crane.

2023 Intern Research Posters

Drone Whale Tagging Cradle and Tide Gate Sensors

  • Andre Olarra, iLab Assistant
  • Anabel Baker, Roundhouse Foundation Intern

Environmental DNA Sampler

  • Genevieve Coblentz-Strong, iLab Assistant
  • Kyle Neumann, CIMERS Post Doctoral Scholar

The Oregon Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia Action Plan: Climate Monitoring Station

  • Parker Van De Wetering, Roundhouse Foundation Summer iLab Intern

Magnetic Field Replication: How do skates respond to offshore wind turbines?

  • Rylin Duster, Roundhouse Foundation Intern

Low-Cost Water Quality Instruments for Non-Government Organizations

  • Baxter Millsap, Roundhouse Foundation Intern

Long Range Radio Data Transfer

  • Cody Spring, MSI Intern

Installing a Motus Tower

  • Christina Gregory, Roundhouse Foundation Summer iLab Intern