Marine Biodiversity Observation Network

Marine Biodiversity Observation Network in the Northern California Current:

Dynamic, multiscale assessment of biodiversity and ecosystem function to support emerging science and management needs

      1. PIs: Maria Kavanaugh, Robert Cowen, Su Sponaugle, Laurie Juranek, Jennifer Fisher
      2. Funding source: NASA ONR
      3. Summary paragraph—see “MBON Project text 2024” document
      4. Figure: See “MBON image”; Figure caption to go under that figure=

Figure caption: Paraeuchaeta spp. copepods along the Newport Hydrographic Line (cross-shelf) during nighttime (A) and daytime (B) in September 2020. The Shannon Diversity Index based on all ISIIS taxa during nighttime (C) and daytime (D) ranged from 0.3 to 1.6. (E). Diversity of images from ISIIS.