Hatfield Marine Science Center is home to some amazing artwork, and we welcome the public to take a tour.

Recently, rotating exhibits have been featured at the Gladys Valley Marine Studies Building. The current exhibit features work by artists Sarah Logan and Lori Hepner. It will be on display through July 2023.

Logan and Helpner are contemporary artists. Logan's hand-carved ceramics and improvised "rain drawings" were meticulously made through her observation as an artist and "citizen scientist" working in Mendocino, CA. Hepner's photographic and projection works (example shown left) are gestural abstractions created from the movement of her own body. The forms are light drawings that become maps of muscle memory and bodily experience in select landscapes. This site shows videos of Hepner creating her work.

You can also view the entire permanent Hatfield art collection or the Guin Library Art Collection online or in person. These art pieces were purchased through gifts from generous supporters and from the state mandate that 1% of the direct construction cost be used for art in public buildings.