The MMI integrates research, education, and outreach to advance our knowledge of marine mammals, train the next generation of professionals, and engage with stakeholders to ensure that these animals and their ecosystems are always healthy.

Cool science with real-world impact


There is something other-worldly about the ocean. While it occupies most of the planet's surface, it is in many ways still more mysterious than outer space. Marine mammals are among the most beautiful and inspiring of all creatures that depend upon the ocean. They are deeply familiar, and yet remain deeply unknown.

Oregon State University’s Marine Mammal Institute is home to global experts in diverse scientific fields of study, all committed to collaborative approaches to learn about these awe-inspiring creatures. Our work aims to create stewards of the ocean and to do so, we train the next generation of scientists, we engage with local communities, and we work with all who rely on and wonder at the beauty of our oceans to ensure that they remain healthy.

We believe it is our inherent responsibility as scientists and as humans to discover and share our knowledge with others. In so doing, we seek to inspire understanding that taps into our shared values to protect and preserve the vital resources we all depend upon for survival, inspiration, and joy. We do this because the only way to ensure a healthy future is if we are all stewards of it.

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