OUR MISSION: Create a healthy future for our ocean and the planet through transdisciplinary research and teaching that emphasizes collaboration, experiential learning, engagement with society and problem-solving.

Marine Studies Initiative


The world's ocean belongs to everyone and its health is critical to our future. Marine habitats are facing new and daunting pressures that threaten their sustainability — from climate change to pollution to dwindling fish stocks.

Global challenges need global champions, and Oregon State University is responding to the challenge with our Marine Studies Initiative. Building on a deep history of nationally ranked programs, world-leading research, and premier facilities, we are pioneering new research and teaching models to help sustain healthy oceans and ensure wellness, environmental health, and economic prosperity for future generations. The Marine Studies Initiative is a university-wide commitment that will have local to global impacts on the economy and environment.

Marine Studies Initiative Frequently Asked Questions

Marine Programs at OSU


No matter what your interest in the ocean and coasts, OSU has an academic program for you!

In contrast to other existing degrees with a marine focus, the Marine Studies degree emphasizes and celebrates the human component(s) of our interactions with the ocean and coastal environments. While the degree recognizes the essential role the natural sciences play in understanding all elements of the earth including the seas (and requires some basic, lower-division training in those areas) it specifically and repeatedly asks students to examine, filter, and express their knowledge and learning through transdisciplinary, humanistic, and cultural lenses.

Details at MAST Flyer (PDF)

Questions? Send email to OSUoceanadvising@oregonstate.edu.

Study at the Coast

Hatfield offers unique opportunities to study and experience the coast. The instruction, research, and internship opportunities at the Center make OSU an excellent place to pursue the study of the coastal and ocean environments and coastal communities.

Ocean11 Marine Club

Ocean11 is Oregon State University's marine club comprised of students from all 11 colleges working, playing, exploring, learning, and serving together to experience and make a difference with our ocean and coasts.

View the Ocean11 Website.

Interested in joining Ocean11 or interested in finding out more?


Ocean Stewards Videos

The Marine Studies Initiative envisions a future where marine issues are tackled from all angles, from the natural sciences and policy to the humanities and arts. And at OSU, we have exceptional students and faculty who have embodied this mission in their own way.