2024 Exhibitors


This year we have 48 hands-on exhibits from research labs and programs based at Hatfield. Below is a list of the research labs participating and a short description of their work.


Aquaculture - COMES ED 30/32 Learn about the work being done in Oregon aquaculture - dulse, oysters and more
USDA ARS Pacific Shellfish Research Unit ED 33 This exhibit introduces you to the newly established Pacific Shellfish Research Unit. Learn about its research types, mission, and current work at Hatfield!
Hatfield Artist in Residence MSB 164 Explore your artistic talents and connect with nature as you experiment with drawing from natural objects at the interactive Artist-in-Residence exhibit.
Big Fish Lab - COMES ED 30/32 Meet the team at the Big Fish Lab and learn how they study the secret lives of sharks
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Stress Lab - COMES ED 30/32 Plastics and fibers in the marine environment
Fish Disease Lab ED 33 This lab works on applied vaccine research in aquaculture
Heppell Lab Visitor Center This lab studies nearshore fisheries on the Oregon coast.
Integrated Marine Fisheries Lab - COMES ED 27 Madison Bargas Lab - Rockfish Dissections
Integrated Marine Fisheries Lab - COMES ED 33 Cheryl Barnes Lab. Field, lab and computer-based methods to estimate the status of marine fish species
Marine and Anadromous Fisheries Ecology Lab - COMES ED 30/32 Learn about anadromous fish off the coast of Oregon
NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center MSB 164 This lab focuses on climate impacts on Alaskan fishery species
NOAA and NWFSC Fisheries Observation Science Program MSB Lobby Fisheries Observation Science on the West Coast: Science to support sustainable U.S. West Coast fisheries.
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Marine Resource Program - 9 EXHIBITS! MSB 146 The ODFW team will be gathered in MSB Room 146 and they have a LOT going on. There exhibits include: Oregon Shellfish, Harmful Algae Blooms, Counting Rockfish, Underwater Robotics, Gear Interactions, Estimating Harvests, Fish Aging, Bottom Fish Identification, and a touch tank!
State Fisheries Genetics Lab - COMES ED 30/32 Fisheries Genomics
Oregon Sea Grant Marine Education Program ED 37 This room is full of hands-on activities - ideal for our younger visitors and those who are young at heart. This year's exhibits include driving an underwater robot and seeing how many magnetic objects you can pick up from the bottom of the tank. Visitors can use microscopes to view fascinating coastal biofacts and guess where and what they came from. Plus, try your hand at engineering a whale tag that can be used to successfully tag a whale!
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Visitor Center Learn about the Oregon Coast National Wildlife Refuge Complex - it's for wildlife and people!
Seabird Oceanography Lab Visitor Center What can seabirds teach us about our oceans? Stop by this exhibit and learn about the research being done at the Seabird Oceanography Lab.
Marine Mammal Institute MSB 176 Oregon State University’s center of excellence in marine mammal research, education, and outreach
Geospatial Ecology of Marine Megafauna Lab (GEMM Lab) MSB 176 What do drones, poop, tags and remote sensing have in common? They are all tools we use to study whales! Come learn more at our table.
Lab for Animal Behavioral Interaction Research (Labirinto) MSB 176 Dolphin-Human Interactions: the good, the bad and the fishy
Oregon Marine Mammal Stranding Network MSB 176 Learn about this unique program that monitors stranded marine mammals on the Oregon coast.
Oregon Coast Aquarium ED 34 Marine Wildlife Rehabilitation - Stop by and learn about wildlife, including the Aquarium's role in wildlife rehabilitation and plans for a new Marine Rehabilitation Center.
Stafford Lab MSB 176 Listening to the Arctic
Coastal Boundary Dynamics Research Group MSB 164 Living with wind on our coast
PacWave Visitor Center Testing wave energy for the future
School of CBEE Polymer Lab Courtyard Futile to Utile: Turning waste ocean plastics in to diesel fuel
Coastal Boundary Dynamics Research Group MSB Innovation Lab  
Hatfield Innovation Lab MSB Innovation Lab Learn all about Hatfield prototyping lab. The iLab is located in the Gladys Valley Marine Studies Building. Check it out!
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers MSB 164 This exhibit features the USACE channel maintenance and opportunities for beneficial use of dredged material.
EPA Visitor Center Learn about the EPA's efforts to protect the coastal environment
Friends of Otter Rock MSB 164 The Friends of Otter Rock Marine Reserve, where science and stewardship meet.
Mueller Lab ED 33 Exploring Eelgrass Ecosystems
Oregon State University's Small Boat Program Courtyard Climb aboard one of OSU's Small Research Vessel - R/V Kalipi
OSU Diving Program MSB 164 Learn about OSU divers and work.
Hatfield Student Organization MSB Atrium Hatfield Student Organization Swag Sales
Marine and Coastal Opportunities and Ocean11 Marine Club MSB Atrium Learn about the opportunities for students to study marine science on the OSU campus and on the coast.
OSU Fish and Wildlife Club MSB Atrium Get a close-up look at this specimen exhibit of animals from the Oregon coast.
Plankton Ecology Lab ED 28 Meet the Plankton!
Seascape Ecology Lab ED 28 Seascape Snapshots: Take a journey into the world of phytoplankton using IFCB technology