Octopus Fun

Feeding Hatfield Visitor Center's Giant Pacific Octopus: It's dinner time. Watch Renee Fowler as she feeds the Visitor Center Giant Pacific octopus. She also shares facts and interesting tidbits about our eight-legged resident. 

Giant Pacific Octopus Paints: Watch this video of the GPO painting and learn how aquarists made it work. Get inspired to paint, draw, or color your own creation.


Family-Friendly Float a Boat Activity

A young boy stands by a container of water and tests how many pennies his aluminum foil boat can hold. Ages: Grades K-12 (adult supervision required for younger children)

Description: Investigate design and density in this experiment. Does a boat’s shape affect the amount of weight and cargo it can hold? Grab a few household items such as aluminum foil, pennies, washers, and a container of water to find out. View activity instructions (pdf) and have fun!

Learn More: Are you interested in learning more about ship engineering and construction? OSU is part of the Regional Class Research Vessel (RCRV) Project. This program is leading the design and construction of the next class of ocean-going research vessels for the National Science Foundation.

Watch the “RCRV - Part 1” outreach video summarizing the project

Watch Kristin Beem’s Building Ships for Science” presentation. Kristin is a marine science systems engineer working on the RCRV Project (Intended audience: ages 8 and up).

Track the construction of the RCRV Taani via these webcams:


Sketch a Tide Pool Critter

Ages: All

Description: Take a closer look at barnacles feeding, rocky shore crustaceans, sea anemones, and more via our wet lab web camera recordings! Grab some colored pencils, crayons, makers, or other media and consider sketching what you see on the screen.


Career opportunities in marine science WEBINARS

Ages: Grades 6-12

Description: Would you like to studying sharks? Watch Dr. Chapple's talk on how he tags sharks for his research on the Main Stage. You can also check out Dr. Chapple’s Careers in Science Webinar from April of 2020 and learn about the steps he took to get to where he is today. [Note: begin video at minute 23:30].

We also have several marine mammal-focused career webinars on Oregon Sea Grant’s Career Day website. Be sure to check them out! There are 15+ hours of previously recorded Careers in Science Webinar content for all budding marine scientists to enjoy.


Get outside with Oregon Coast Quests

Ages: All

Description: Looking for a fun and physically distant way to get outdoors with your family or friends? Be sure to check out the Oregon Coast Quests! Quests are fun, free-choice learning adventures that use clues and hints to encourage participants to discover the natural, cultural and historical "treasures" of place and community.