SONGS in YOur Surroundings

Ages: All

Description: Spring is coming and birds are singing! Have you ever wondered what bird you are hearing that you may not be able to see? Download the Merlin Bird ID app and use the Bird ID Wizard to help you identify the songs of your backyard.

Local Science, Global Impacts Connection: Consider contributing photos, songs, and calls to eBird, which is used to populate data found within the Merlin Bird ID app. Your observations will inform worldwide bird research and conservation efforts.


Family-Friendly "Animal Observation Activity"

Ages: Grades K-12 (adult supervision required for younger children)

Description: Learn how researchers use ethograms as a tool to collect data on animal behavior. Work together as a family to construct your own ethogram while observing animals from your backyard, along a hiking trail, or on live aquarium footage, Check out the Family STEM Blog, “Tracking Animal Behaviors” for the step by step process. Download the age-appropriate data sheets Ages 8-10; Ages 11-12; Ages 13+.

Local Science, Global Impacts Connection: Continue your data collection fun and consider contributing to global community science efforts, such as iNaturalist! Check out the “Getting Involved” page to see how you can participate.

Learn More: Are you interested in doing more Family STEM at home? Be sure to check out the following resources available through the Oregon Coast STEM Hub.

  • Family STEM Blogs
  • STEM Bites - engaging, hands-on science and engineering activities for Grades K-6. Topics include exploring sound waves, investigating bird beaks, building a Rube Goldberg Machine, and more!


Octopus Fun

Feeding Hatfield Visitor Center's Giant Pacific Octopus: It's dinner time. Watch Renee Fowler as she feeds the Visitor Center Giant Pacific octopus. She also shares facts and interesting tidbits about our eight-legged resident. 

Giant Pacific Octopus Paints: Watch this video of the GPO painting and learn how aquarists made it work. Get inspired to paint, draw, or color your own creation.


Career opportunities in marine science

Ages: Grades 6-12

Description: Do you have a child at home who is passionate about marine animals and the ocean? Do they want to learn how to become a marine biologist? Check out Oregon Sea Grant’s Career Day web page. There are 20+ hours of previously recorded Careers in Science Webinar content for all budding marine scientists to enjoy.


Get outside with Oregon Coast Quests

Ages: All

Description: Looking for a fun and physically distant way to get outdoors with your family or friends? Be sure to check out the Oregon Coast Quests! Quests are fun, free-choice learning adventures that use clues and hints to encourage participants to discover the natural, cultural and historical "treasures" of place and community.