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Protecting the health and welfare of our aquatic animal charges

The Aquatic Animal Health Program (AAHP) created by Oregon Sea Grant and the Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine at Oregon State University coordinates health management activities at the Hatfield Marine Science Center, Aquarium Science Program Teaching Aquarium at Oregon Coast Community College and the Charleston Marine Life Center. Through collaborative relationships with the Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine, Oregon Coast Community College, the Oregon Coast Aquarium, the University of Oregon and numerous local, national and international industry partners we are helping to train and support the next generation of aquarium and aquatic veterinary professionals. Further, our outreach to the aquarium fish industry has improved health management across the industry.

Aquarium Fish Health Project is a signature outreach project within the Aquatic Animal Health Program. The Aquarium Fish Health Project (AFHP) provides outreach, education, and service to the aquarium fish industry – from its home at the Hatfield Marine Science Center and then reaching outward throughout the Pacific Northwest, the rest of the nation and the world.

Aquatic veterinarian Dr. Tim Miller-Morgan treats a wolf eel.
The program works with aquarium fish importers, wholesalers, retailers and hobbyists to improve fish health management; helps facilitate the development of training programs for hobbyists and industry professionals; and works with the national and international aquarium fish industry to research and address health issues associated with collection and transport of these species.  From its inception, the educational focus within the Aquarium Fish Health Program has and continues to be on fish health management and hands-on learning experiences.

Students and industry professionals are able to improve their knowledge of aquatic animal fish health management through numerous courses, workshops, seminars, internships and practicum experiences offered through the AAHP. These opportunities are offered at our Newport home and throughout North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

In this video, Oregon Sea Grant's aquarists Jamie Hart and Trevor Erdman give a tour of the aquarium tanks and animal care facilities at the Hatfield Visitor Center.

International Conservation Projects

The AAHP is involved in a number of international conservation projects in the Amazon basin of Brazil.

Project Piaba is a fishery initiative located on the Rio Negro tributary of the Amazon River. The program both promotes and researches sustainable aquarium pet fish collection and its impact on the environment.

Watch wild aquarium fish filmed on a recent expedition to the Rio Negro.


Aquatic veterinarian Dr. Tim Miller-Morgan
Tim Miller-Morgan, Extension Aquatic Animal Veterinarian, DVM, CertAqV
Hatfield Marine Science Center
2030 Marine Science Drive
Newport, OR 97365
Senior Aquarist/Facility Manager: Sid Stetson, AAS (Aquarium Science), CertWQT-1
Aquarist: Jaimie Hart, AAS (Aquarium Science), CertWQT-1
Aquarist: Trevor Erdmann, BSc, CertLSS-3, CertWQT-2

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