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The MMI integrates research, education, and outreach to advance our knowledge of marine mammals, train the next generation of professionals, and engage with stakeholders to ensure that these animals and their ecosystems are always healthy.

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Marine mammals are among the most beloved creatures in the ocean. They are deeply familiar and yet remain deeply unknown. Proudly based in Newport, OSU’s Marine Mammal Institute is home to global experts in diverse fields of study, all committed to collaborative approaches to learn about these awe-inspiring animals.

We train the next generation of scientists, who will go on to work around the world to further our understanding of marine mammals, their habitats, and the impact we humans have on them. Our researchers engage with local communities to inform the work we do and to ensure that our collective efforts have the broadest impact possible.

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Recently, the MMI was awarded funding from the US Department of Energy to conduct critical baseline research on marine mammals and seabirds along the US West Coast to inform the development of responsible offshore wind energy. This is a salient example of how our expertise — in ecology, acoustics, genetics, and more — is being applied locally to provide critical information to help an emerging global industry mitigate its impacts on marine life.

We believe it is our inherent responsibility as scientists and as humans to discover and share our knowledge with others. We seek to inspire understanding that taps into our shared values to protect and preserve the vital oceans that we all depend upon for survival, inspiration, and joy. We do this because the only way to ensure a healthy future is if we are all stewards of it.



A collection of images of whales emerging out of the water off the coast of Oregon.

Beaked Whale Expedition to the Eastern Pacific Gyre

Through this blog that chronicles a three-week journey on the R/V Pacific Storm, readers get a glimpse into what it takes to run a science expedition, including making the most of the unexpected.

Oregon Coastal Playground Gray Whale License Plate

A little action, multiplied by thousands, makes a huge collective impact. More than 20,000 Oregonians directly support marine mammal research, education, and outreach by having chosen the Coastal Playground gray whale license plate. For more about what the whale plate is making possible, visit


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