A south coast outpost supporting research, learning, and engagement on Oregon's beautiful wind-swept southern coast.

Oregon State University is leading a new, innovative approach to marine research and education through the Marine Studies Initiative, an ambitious coast-wide commitment that is fundamentally changing how we study the ocean and its wide-reaching impacts. On Oregon's rugged and beautiful south coast, we support research, education, and community engagement through the Port Orford Field Station.

The station supports access to this unique marine and terrestrial ecosystem in support of transdisciplinary research and education, community priorities, and economic opportunities. The field station has lab and classroom space, along with lodging for visiting scientists and students, and an air fill station for scientific and recreational divers.

This remote region provides rich research opportunities: from the nearby Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve and surrounding rocky habitat, to the annual migration of gray whales and wild salmon runs, to the active commercial fishing fleet and more, there’s a lot to learn!

Students and researchers are encouraged to visit the Port Orford Field Station and stay a while studying this rich marine and coastal ecosystem. Visit our website to learn about grant opportunities to support your work here.

Tom McCambridge, 2020 MSI Marine Reserve Interpretation intern with underwater camera gear after a successful search and recovery mission. (credit – Tom Calvanese)


Whale Team from GEMM Lab in kayaks used for their whale feeding behavior research.



Tom Calvanese, Station Manager
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