Things with Wings


A researcher in climbing gear on a cliff uses a long pole to capture and tag a seabird.

Seabird Oceanography

The Seabird Oceanography Lab is involved in research focusing on seabird ecology, movement ecology, oceanography, and integrated ecosystem studies while providing research and educational opportunities for students. Our research applications range from colony-and vessel-based observational studies to deploying state-of-the-art electronics to study individual foraging, dispersal, migration, and behavior patterns of seabirds.


Tufted puffins gathering at a colony. Photo by Ram Papish

Seabirds of the Oregon Coast

Seabirds of the Oregon coast require places to safely rest, nest and raise their young close enough to their fishy food sources. Learn about how the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service manages all the rocks, reefs, and islands which comprise Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge, in addition to five other National Wildlife Refuges along the Oregon Coast.



Spotting the Oregon Silverspot Butterfly

A conservation team comprise of federal, university, state, non-profit and private partners, is developing to consistently find wild caterpillars and track captive-reared and released individuals to enlighten the research and conservation community.