Marine Studies

The Marine Studies Major



The Marine Studies degree program brings together natural and social sciences to create a new program focused on all aspects of the marine environment. While working within this program, you will have the opportunities to collaborate with students from different interest backgrounds, solving problems, and learning through experience.

Currently, construction is underway for a new tsunami-safe Marine Studies building on HMSC’s campus, to be completed in January 2020.  With details currently under discussion and being designed, the College of Liberal Art's Marine Studies Degree will focus on the social, political, and cultural issues of coasts and oceans in the context of a meaningful understanding of marine natural science. Students will receive a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science.

This degree is currently under development. Students may not be admitted to a program that is not represented in the current OSU Catalog. If you are interested in this degree, keep informed about its development by contacting us and asking to be added to the marine studies degree listserv.

Study at the Coast

Marine Studies Internships


  • ART 399/499 - Photographic Field Studies (4 credits - Summer)
  • SED 435/535 - Communicating Ocean Science to Informal Audiences (3 credits - Fall) 

Academic Advisor for Marine Studies: Cynthia Leonard, 541-737-2781