Sen Hatfield

In 1983 the name of the Center was changed by action of the Oregon State Board of Higher Education to the Mark O. Hatfield Marine Science Center (HMSC) as a token of appreciation for Senator Hatfield's continuous backing of the Center, which had been built during his term as governor of Oregon. As governor in the 1

960s, he was supportive of the concept and construction of the Center. As Oregon’s senator for five terms, he steered critical federal funding to Newport for buildings and programs. According to Dr. Lavern Weber, HMSC Director during Senator Hatfield’s tenure, “The Senator was a leader who gave considerable thought to the future. He thought about the quality of science, but also about the quantity of effort needed to address society’s pressing problems. One evening, I was on a vessel in Yaquina Bay with the Senator, looking over some research oyster beds. We discussed the need for research, and the Senator was clear: research of the highest quality was needed, but we also needed more research to assure progress for Oregon, the nation and the world. He wanted to help plan for the future. That is an important part of Senator Hatfield’s legacy.”



Pamphlet for the dedication of the "Mark O. Hatfield" Marine Science Center. 1983Senator Mark Hatfield, Robert MacVicar and John Byrne stand together. Black and white photo. 1983