HMSC is home to a wide array of research laboratories, including wet, computation, innovation, seawater, and teaching labs. Many of these labs are operated by researchers with one of our partner centers, institutes, agencies, or a department in one of OSU’s 12 colleges.  Several shared and touch down lab spaces can be used for shorter periods by HMSC faculty, visiting researchers, or students. 

Learn more about HMSC's space use policy, procedures, and forms. For more information about using HMSC's facilities for research or instruction, contact HMSC Research Facility Manager, Cinamon Moffett, at 541-867-0126.



Several classrooms are available for class instruction and seminars and may be reserved for special events if booked in advance. Classrooms can seat up to 30 occupants and are equipped with monitors and speakers for presentation use. Room descriptions and photos are available here. If you have questions, contact

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Marine Studies Building

The Marine Studies building, new to the Hatfield campus, not only increases the region’s marine science education and research capacity, but it also uses state-of-the-art architectural and engineering techniques to make it one of the first “vertical evacuation” tsunami sites in the United States.

The building is designed to withstand a 9+ earthquake and to survive an XXL tsunami event, and be repaired after a large (L) tsunami event.

A ramp on the outside of the building leads from the ground level to the roof of the three-story structure. The roof of the building is at the height of 47 feet, well above the worst-case tsunami. The roof is designed to serve as an emergency assembly site for more than 900 people after a Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake.



HMSC is home to a sophisticated seawater distribution system, which provides reliable access to the high-quality seawater needed for a variety of experiments and research. Water is pumped from Yaquina Bay twice a day, filtered, distributed to labs, and eventually returned to the bay. Since its installation in 1965, the seawater system has been an ongoing collaboration between all organizations and agencies that call Hatfield home, ensuring that internal systems are functional and upgraded when necessary.


HMSC’s on-site housing can accommodate up to 100 college students, instructors, and researchers. Several options for living spaces are available. There are 16 furnished one-bedroom apartments with full kitchens and baths, each of which sleeps up to four. Two three-bedroom manufactured homes are fully furnished (including laundry facilities) and are handicapped accessible.

There are four bunkhouse modules, and each sleeps up to eight. Each bunkhouse has its own fully equipped kitchen in the nearby dining hall. While living on our campus, you will have full access to laundry facilities and can enjoy the recreation spaces in the social dining hall area, and the basketball and volleyball courts in the courtyard.

Guin Library

HMSC is home to the Guin Library, which is open Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm. The Library contains several carrels and meeting rooms, as well as ample seating, and is available to all students, faculty, and researchers. Current OSU students have access to the inter-library loan system, and library users can scan, print, make copies, and borrow technology and recreation equipment.

Hatfield Marine Operations


Conducting marine research often requires you have access to marine habitats above and possibly below the water.  HMSC works hard to facilitate this process by using small boats, research vessels or scientific Divers.  

With the Pacific Ocean right on our doorstep, HMSC harbors several ships belonging to OSU’s College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences. These vessels conduct state-of-the-art scientific research that advances our understanding of the ocean – one of the last great frontiers on Earth. Research vessels play a key role in studying pressing issues facing our oceans, including acidification, harmful algal blooms, tsunami prediction, and declining fisheries.

Meeting Rooms

HMSC has several types of shared spaces available for mission-related activities. Shared spaces are located around campus and include meeting rooms, classrooms, labs, and an auditorium. Academic programs for HMSC staff and students have priority use of all HMSC meeting rooms. Questions? Contact

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