Peter Chace


B.S. Chemistry - 2015, Monmouth University

B.S. Marine and Environmental Biology and Policy - 2015, Monmouth University

I got my start with the Reimers Lab as a summer REU intern in 2013 where I first developed a strong interest in marine chemistry. My current work for the Lab centers on developing eddy covariance  technology to measure chemical fluxes across sediments (such as measuring how much oxygen is respired by a particular patch of mud). For me specifically, this involves integrating novel  electrochemical sensors into new and existing eddy covariance systems. I also provide support in data analysis for some of the Lab’s longer-term chemical observations along the Oregon continental  shelf.

As a marine biogeochemist I’m personally interested in the flow of chemical species through and across aquatic systems. My research is focused around the biogeochemical influence of different benthic systems and structures on water column chemistry, particularly the influence of sediments in novel and extreme settings such as deep-sea or high wave energy systems.


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Paul Shrader and familyPaul Schrader


Post-Doctoral Research Assistant

PhD, Chemical/Environmental Engineering – 2007, Yale University

MS, Environmental Engineering – 2000, University of Idaho

BS, Biochemistry – 1993, Ohio State University 

My primary interests include renewable biological energy production. I am currently focused on benthic microbial fuel cells. In the Reimers lab, we’re using molecular tools to analyze the microbial populations associated with both laboratory tested and field deployed fuel cells. The use of genomics, sequencing and meta-genomics tools will assist us in determining what organisms are best capable of converting organic material to electrical energy, what are the key aspects of the mechanism(s) involved in this process, and how can we optimize the system for a variety of deployment conditions and energy requirements.

Hobbies and Interests: I also enjoy all sports, camping, hiking, skiing, backpacking, kayaking, fishing...pretty much anything that gets me out in the woods or on/near the water with family and friends.

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